HATTORI. please email for price & details.

SOLD PUMA KNIVES. Germany. "WHITE HUNTER - 2nd. Year of Manufacture !" £325 inc. UK p&p.

SOLD ALAN WOOD. "M.A.K." - My Adventure Knife.

ALAN WOOD. "TREKKER". please email for details.

SOLD ALAN WOOD "WOODS WALKER" details to follow.


Named after Navy Seal, Neil Roberts, who was killed in action in Afganistan in 2002, this knife is a fitting tribute. Designed by noted knifemaker/designer William Harsey, this is a very impressive looking knife which is no longer available from CRK. Unfortunately, there is no box or paperwork with this particular knife but that is ofset by the fact that the knife is in unused condition and complete with two sheaths     ( the black leather shows signs of being worn ). Blade : 6.25". Oal : 11.5". Commission sale - £475 inc. UK p&p


GUY STAINTHORP "UTILITY-HUNTER". spec to follow. £375 inc. UK p&p.



PUMA KNIVES. "SKINNER" . Made in 1982. spec. to follow.

AS NEW CONDITION !  £325 inc. UK p&p. 


spec. to follow. Very good condition.


SOLD ALAN WOOD "GAMBLER'S BOWIE".  This knife has come back to me on a Commission sale as the owner has changed the direction of his knife collection. A really nice version of Alan's Gambler model with a brass guard and buttcap (which has acquired a patina - but could easily be polished up) and a handle of Cocobolo. The 12c27 s/s blade has been given a mirror polish by Alan. All in all, these models make great Collector pieces - or users. Alan has written out a guarantee for this knife, stating it was made between 1993-97. Spec. as per other knife. Unused condition. Comm. sale.


Top : Model #16 'SP1 FIGHTER'

Bottom : Model #15 - AIRMAN.

Please email for spec. & prices.

SOLD BK&T "PATROL MACHETE" by CAMILLUS". A chance to buy a mint, unused example of this now discontinued knife by Camillus Cutlery of New York. As some of you will know, BK&T (Becker Knife & Tool) was founded by Ethan Becker in 1986 who designed a series of outdoor knives and had them made by Camillus ( among others ?). When the great firm of Camillus 'closed it's doors'  the BK&T range of knives were resurrected by Kabar, which now make the whole range - apart from the Patrol Machete ! This is what Ethan has to say about this model..."at slightly less than 19oz. the Machete serves well as a drawknife, a froe and - in a emergency - is balanced enough to whittle. Of all the tools I have designed this is the one I want if I gotta start civilisation from scratch...." He goes on but I think you get the drift. This knife is out of my own collection. I bought it in preparation for the "Zombie Apocolyst" but I'm no longer certain that is actually going to happen ? Time to move it on to a realist. :-)

Blade: 3/16" thick & 14". Oal: 19".




A stunning vintage knife made by Blackjack when Mike Stewart was running the operation and before he moved onto Marbles, who in turn made great knives under Mike. When Marbles wanted to make their knives in China, Mike knew it was time to go and promptly set up Bark River - who, no surprise, make great knives for the money. This Model 1-7 is an obvious copy of the famous Randall Model 1 - 7" and is not far short of Randall quality ! Carbon steel 7" blade, brass double guard. black micarta handle and aluminium butt cap. Complete with sheath and box.

AS NEW CONDITION. £285 inc. UK p&p


This knife has now, I feel, become a Classic. Designed after extensive research as a Survival knife for the Swedish Air Force, the knife design offers everything some people need from a knife. This particular version, with guard and black micarta handle, has now been discontinued sadly. Therefore a chance to buy one that, although pre-owned, is still in excellent condition ( the blade shows very, very light scratches but still has the original sharp edge) and also comes with two sheaths - the leather (shown) and Fallkniven's Zytel. Blade:210mm Lam.VG10. As with everything Fallkniven does, this is quality through and through.  

Excellent cond. 


SOLD AL MAR KNIVES "SERE".  A superb example of this now discontinued 1980's "SERE", complete with the USA Special Forces (Green Berets) motto on the guard. Designed by the late great Al Mar who, after working as Head Designer for Gerber, left and set up his own company. Using his contacts in Japan, from his time with Gerber, he created top quality knives of his own unique design, no doubt with input from his actual experience as a "Green Beret" in Vietnam.

Blade:6" Oal:10 1/2". With black leather sheath.  This knife is out of a Collection and is 'AS NEW'. 


ALAN WOOD "Model 12-OFFICER"  A not often seen model by Alan, this is what he has to say about it in his Catalogue. no5 -" Very popular concealment 'Boot Knife' which has been well received by both users and collectors. Unique blade is 'triple ground' and is shown in right handed form. Design is light, strong and comfortable with the flat handle fitting the palm for a secure grip to maximise length". Blade:3 3/4". Oal:8 1/4". Complete with two sheaths.

Near Mint Cond. £325 inc. UK p&p


SOLD SPYDERCO "ROCK SALT"  This is the original version made from a solid billet of H-1, a steel that is completely rustproof due to it's inclusion of nitrogen. Designed by renowned American maker Ed Schempp, as a 'Camp Knife' for cutting, slicing & chopping, this knife is lightweight and very well balanced. Despite being well received and revered, the cost of producing these knives in H1 became expensive and Spyderco ceased the production (another version is currently made in VG10 steel). These versions in the Japanese H1 steel are much sought after as they offer superb edge holding and toughness, while being completely rustproof - quite an achievement !

Mint, unused cond. 



SOLD CHRONOS "AQAMA 11"  On my recent visit to the Belgium Knife Show, one of the many delights was coming across Dawid Has, a young man from Poland with an exceptional talent for knifemaking.

I was immediately impressed with the high standard of his work and am currently working with him on a project which, hopefully, will be the first of many. This knife is one I picked up from his table and is an excellent example of his work. Made from N690 stainless steel with black G10 ( and green liners) this will not disappoint ! Blade : 4 3/4" & Oal : 9". Complete with a very well made Kydex sheath, also made by Dawid.  At the moment Dawid,s work is very competively priced - but I would expect his prices to rise as he become more in demand.



SOLD ALAN WOOD "KEW". The first time I have had one of these models by Alan and, hopefully, not the last. A very ergonomic shape - almost 'organic' in the way it fits into the hand and with an upswept cutting edge but a 'modified wharnecliff' point, I feel this blade could handle a multitude of tasks ! The steel is Premium RWL34 stainless with a handle of Pere David antler (with the 'bark' ground off) set off with red liners. Nickel silver fittings.

Oal: 7". Blade: 3". Complete with brown leather pouch sheath.

Brand new from Alan.


NEW PRICE - Now £510 inc. UK p&p.

ALAN WOOD "SCAGEL FIGHTER"  Made by Alan for a customer who was fascinated by the knives of William Scagel, this knife is a stunning tribute. As I'm sure is common knowledge to all who visit this website, W. Scagel can be rightly credited with starting the Custom Knife movement in the USA, if for no other reason than he inspired W.D."Bo" Randall - who really did set the Custom Knife world on fire !  A near perfect replica of one of Scagel's Fighters, this knife sports a 6" blade of (I presume) 12c27 s/s. A n/s guard and butt cap sandwich a pinned handle of what looks to be bone or even whale tooth ? Oal 11 1/4". The sheath is what I would call a "pocket pouch" type ie: no belt loop. Pre-owned but kept in a collection. Mint condition. £575  inc UK p&p


 SOLD DOZIER KNIVES "KS-7,WILDERNESS" Bob Dozier can truly be called a Legend in the knifemaking world, having been involved since the very early days (working with A.G. Russell). Now, firmly established as one of America's premier makers, he is renowned for his no-nonsense style of working knives and his mastering of D2 tool steel to get the absolutely best performance from it (he is known as Dr.D2). The Wilderness is designed, with input from Steven Dick - a chap who I greatly respect - to be the one knife that could 'do it all' in a backcountry camping trip. This model is much sought after in the States, partly due to Bob's 3 year waiting list ! Blade:5". Oal:9 7/8".

Pre-owned but in mint cond.


J. A. LONEWOLF "DAMASCUS HUNTER"  I have to confess to knowing very little about this American maker but I understand he forges his own damascus and does his own scrimshaw - skills which he has undoubtedly mastered, judging by the evidence shown here. Excellent work which is slightly let down by the barely average quality of the sheath. As a collector piece (or user) it will not disappoint !  Blade: 3 3/4". Oal: 8 1/4"   Mint, unused cond. £250 inc UK p&p


SOLD ALAN WOOD "LAKES"  Another popular model by Alan, designed by him as a 'camping' knife when he used to do a lot of canoeing. If I could only have one AW knife (heaven forbid!) then it may well be this model - if fact, I have a gorgeous version in damasteel/ivory which sees a lot of use.  This particular knife is amazingly light in the hand due to a 4" flat ground blade, in 3mm random pattern Damasteel and the spectacular Wild Olive wood handle, set off by blue liners and n/silver fittings. Oal. 8 1/4".  Comes with a swivel sheath by Alan. 

Brand new from Alan. 

CRKnives USA

SOLD CHRIS REEVES "PROJECT 1". As I'm sure is well known, these hollow handled knives are machined from a solid billet of A2 steel - a method that took the Knife World by storm when Chris arrived on the scene and one that finally dispelled any fears of weakness between the handle joint and blade on this type of Survival knife. What may not be so well known is that Chris has now discontinued the whole range of 'one piece' knives and as such, these will become more collectable - particularly mint examples like this. This is the non-serrated Project 1 version, complete with sheath, paperwork and box (which has a few 'creases' but no rips). Blade is 7 1/2". Oal is 12 1/2".  Mint, unused.


L L JONES "LOVELESS FIGHTER" spec to follow. £370


SOLD HATTORI "2014 YEAR KNIFE". Every year the well respected firm of Hattori issue a "Year Knife" in a limited number of 200 (this is no.99). For 2014, they chose the classic Vietnam 'SOG' knife, designed by Ben Baker. The original knives are very highly sought after by Collectors but this excellent version will fill a gap in a collection very nicely indeed. The 6 1/4" blade is stainless steel, as is the guard and buttcap. The handle is stacked leather, as were the originals. Oal is 11". This very well made knife is absolutely mint.   Big saving on the usual £360 price. £295 inc. p&p


SOLD R&R MIDDLETON "Half horse - Half alligator" BOWIE. A rare chance to buy a handmade Bowie from possibly the last of Sheffield,s Bowie makers, Ron and Roy Middleton. These two fine Gentlemen, who are now in their 70's, are the last of a family line of Bowie makers (their Grandfather was making Bowies in the 19thC ! ) and when they finally retire from knifemaking, a little piece of history retires with them. This particular knife has the much sought after "half horse-half alligator" pommel ( an expression, as I understand it, attributed to Davy Crockett, when speaking of his band of fighting Tennesseans and Kentuckians ) with a buffalo horn handle and n/silver guard. The 9" blade is fileworked and made from carbon steel (there is a very small blemism on the tang) with an oal of 14".

This knife actually has their father's stamp, "J. E. Middleton & Sons", on the blade - making it even more desirable. 

Brand new from maker. £275 inc. UK p&p


SOLD OX FORGE "SPECIAL OPS BOWIE".  A rare chance to own a superb hand forged Fighter/Utility by Mastersmith Charles Ochs, a guy who has been around a while and earned himself an enviable reputation as a Top Maker specialising in 52100 'ball bearing' steel (and damascus). Charles has also worked very closely with the US Navy Seals & Special Forces and his "Special Ops Bowie" is a very desirable knife (he also makes a more basic, simpler, more affordable version to cope with the demand for this model). Charles quotes a 2 year waiting list for this stunning knife. Blade length 8". Oal 13".    Mint, as new cond.



This is the first time I have had one of Alan's Expedition models to sell - and I am impressed ! This is a knife that certainly lives up to its name and would be a definite asset on any such trip - or in the case of most of us: a camping trip, wilderness or otherwise. Beautifully made with a 6" flat ground blade (most likely 12c27 s/s) and a lovely handle of "antique ivory" micarta set off by red liners, giving an oal of 11" (this is a handful of a knife ! ). This knife has come out of a collection although the sheath has picked up a few light marks (the sheath is a "dangler type" and is made to be worn on the left hand side). Mint condition

SOLD BALLARD (bottom knife, shown with its sheath) 



SOLD  ALAN WOOD "WHITE HUNTER".   Wow! What a knife. If I was ever to find myself in the middle of the Alaskan Wilderness, this is the knife I would want on my belt ! An early knife by Alan and a total "one-off" made as a special request by a customer ( his initials are on the guard), this is Alan's version of the famous Puma WHITE HUNTER model - although you have never seen one as well made as this. Made from D2 Tool steel, the blade ticks all the Puma boxes with a deep skinning blade, double grind for rough chopping and even has the small serrations for fine cutting !  The handle is from black micarta, complete with a sub-hilt. Fittings are brass.  The knife is Mint apart from a very small amount of tarnish on the cutting edge (which would sharpen out). 6" blade and oal of 10 3/4".  This knife is out of my own collection and I paid a lot to buy it (hence the price ) but it is a superbly made example of Alan's skills.    


Bud Nealy.  please enquire for spec. £425  SALE PRICE £375

Mike Malosh. USA

MIKE MALOSH "SCALPER". Hand forged 01 carbon steel in a "Vintage" style, Mikes work is much sought after in the States and this excellent example of his work shows why.

Excellent work. Complete with Mosher made sheath.

Mint condition - - AS NEW £285 inc UK p&p


SOLD AL MAR "DESERT STORM - COMBAT"  A stunning knife by Al Mar knives ! I believe this model is now discontinued and as such will become harder to get - and you would not get one in better condition than this one. This is a serious knife that could be taken "in harms way" - or simply be admired in a collection. The blade bears the markings of Operation Desert Storm - Jan 1991.

Spec: 8" Blade. Oal:13 1/2". Brass guard, leather stacked handle with s/s pommel.  Complete with sheath (which shows very light handling marks). 


SOLD PUMA " AUTO MESSER" model.  This is the famous "White Hunter" sold as a "Car Knife" for the motorist - and a rarely seen version. Very much like the WH, it was intended for use as a general camp knife for picnics, etc. It also came with an option for a special plastic scabbard for fitting inside the car for "an emergency: to smash windows, to cut open the roof, to release oneself in case of accident or fire or in deep water".

Apart from the Rio Jacaranda wood handle, it is identical to it's more recognised big brother, even having the same leather sheath. Made in 1978. Quality piece of kit ! Mint, unused cond. (now with original box/paperwork ) 


 SOLD  Alan Wood "SHORTY" model. This is only the second time I have had one of these cracking little knives to sell. At first glance, it appears too small to be practical but believe me, after handling this knife it appears capable of performing tasks far in excess of it's size.  Alan is not only a superb knife maker but also a great knife designer ! Oal of 6" and a 2 1/4" blade of 12c27. White Tufnol with nickel silver fitting and a typically top class leather sheath complete the package. Brand new from Alan.


SOLD ALAN WOOD "WOODS WALKER". One of the nicest versions I have seen from Alan ! Gorgeous Odin's Eye pattern damasteel blade with a beautiful handle of Ringed Gingee ( which I believe is an Australian wood ) set off with a blue fibre liner and to complete the package, a textured s/s bolster. 4" blade and oal of 8 1/4". Complete with sheath and guarantee.  Brand new from Alan. 


SOLD  PUMA "BOWIE - 6376". This is the larger bladed version with an 8" blade and with the inscription in Gold lettering ! A truly stunning knife with possibly the best Sambar stag I've seen on a Puma (much, much nicer than my pic shows). I would assume this was made as a Collectors piece as it seems just too nice to use. Dating from 1973, this knife is 99% mint condition - quite incredible for a 40 year old carbon steel knife. These larger Bowies are rarely seen and this is a great chance to aquire one ( you will not see a better one ! ).   Mint condition. 


SOLD GERBER  LMF.  A long discontinued model by Gerber, made when the "Rambo" craze was in full swing ! Unlike a lot of makers versions, this one by Gerber received some glowing reports. If you are looking to fill a void in a  collection or just want to try one out, this fits the bill. Overall in very good condition as it shows light signs of sharpening and the usual handling marks for its age, 6" blade and oal 10 3/4". Comes with original sheath but no box. 


SOLD PUMA Germany. ALASKAN model. Made in 1980, this now discontinued model is one of Puma's least seen offerings and would either fit nicely in a collection or make a great user. The 5 1/2" blade of stainless steel has never been used or sharpened and the whole knife is in near mint condition. With an oal of 10 1/2", it is an impressive looking knife! Complete with original sheath but, unfortunately, no box.  


SOLD  Blackjack Knives. MARAUDER 11. Made in the late 1980's when Blackjack was still being run by Mike Stewart (formerly of Marbles and now heading up Bark River knives ), Mike is a guy who knows what makes a knife cut ! This knife, at the time, received some rave reviews on it's performance - no doubt in part due to it's Cryogenic heat treatment, which was quite innovative at the time for a factory blade.  This is a big but very well balanced knife ( or should that be Bolo ! ) with a green Kraton handle, that will be a pleasure to use. Stainless steel 15" blade and 20"oal. Complete with it original dark green leather sheath, which shows a few very small marks as to expected for its age. Knife is in mint condition.

SOLD George Wostenholm IXL.  Sheffield.  One for the Bowie Lovers !

I took this knife as part of a trade at the Midland Game Fair and was immediately transported back to the 1960s where, as a young lad, I would peer into the window of my local gunshop lusting after one of these knives and wishing my pocket money would stretch far enough to buy one ( it never did !! ). According to the previous owner, he actually did buy this knife in the 1960s and had forgotten all about it until he came across it recently in his loft. Because of this (?) the condition of it is near mint (apart from a very small blemish on the very tip ) and is the best example of this type  I have seen for a very long time !  Classic design ( apparently, James Bowie himself ordered Bowie knives from Wostenholm of this very design - hence the inscription ). 10" carbon steel blade and Sambar stag handle with a brass guard. The sheath is all original to the knife and is in near mint condition, with just a little "loose" stitching on the edge. 


SOLD  Becker Knife & Tool. BRUTE.  The BK&T range of knives was first introduced in 1986 and have since obtained a cult following in the USA. Designed by Founder and Owner Ethan Becker, an avid outdoorsman   ( and cook ), this range of knives has been made by several companies for Ethan and this particular model was made by Camillus before they closed their business ( they also made the superb "Carbon V" steel for Cold Steel ). Currently, BK&T knives are made by Kabar although this paticular model may have been discontinued ? This is what the sales brochure has to say about the BRUTE - "The Brute is a formidable knife whose graceful 9 1/2" recurve blade will handle almost any camp and field chore you can throw at it. The Brute excels at chopping and is at home in the short machete mode as well. The dedicated anvil adds the perfect forward weight and acts as a hammerhead in a pinch." Specs: blade 1/4" thick, 9 1/2" long. Oal 15" weight 22 ounces. This knife is as mint as the day it was made. Complete with the original box ( and receipt from 2002 ! ). 

Our address:







  Due to the ever increasing interest in this website, I find myself struggling to answer queries & emails as promptly as I would like. Because this is still a part-time venture and I like to offer a personal, one on one service, time is sometimes an issue - so please accept my apologies in advance for any delays in replying. I will reply as soon as possible and, as always, strive to offer a professional service. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and custom.


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A Middleton Bowie available in BOWIES ( sadly, now retired - see description)

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