"High-End" Custom Knives, is a term used to describe knives made to a superb standard by top makers, using only the very best of materials.

I intend to offer, whenever possible, folding knives of this calibre to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

While many of us may never be able to afford a "London Best" shotgun, owning an equivalent standard knife may just be a possibility!

To those fortunate enough to actually enjoy the finer things in life - a hand crafted, high-end pocket knife may compliment perfectly your other accoutrements.


The Chris Reeve Sebenza needs no introduction having firmly established itself as an Iconic Folder with its innovative 'Framelock'. This particular knife is the larger version and is one of the very nicest you will see, with the gorgeous Snakewood inlays and stunning stainless "Raindrop" damascus by Devin Thomas. Dating from April 2014, this comes complete with box, leather slip, etc. These damascus versions of the Sebenza are much sought after. Commission Sale.

Mint condition. £775 inc. W'wide p&p.




SOLD  KERRY HAMPTON "TONY BOSE BACK POCKET" Kerry Hampton is a name that may not be familiar to many 'folder fans' over here in the UK but in America he is very well known as the original protoge of "The Master" - Tony Bose. Completely taught by Tony (and Reese) in the Wilfred Works (the Bose's own workshop, which Kerry also uses after the Boses finish for the day), Kerry's work is as close to owning a genuine Bose as you can get without actually having their stamp on the blade. This particular knife has a blade & backspring made from Damascus steel, which sets off the gorgeous coloured Sambar stag. Perfectly fitted 'rat tail' bolsters and shield are made from polished stainless steel, as is the thong hole. The only (extremely slight) "flaw" I can find with this knife is that, for some reason, the backspring is 'tad' below the frame at the rear (it can only be felt with a fingernail). Other than that, this is a superbly made folder with a great 'walk & talk', perfectly centered blade - and wonderful heritage !

Closed length:4 1/2" Blade:3 1/2".   Mint Cond. £595 inc.UK p&p


SOLD  BUCK KNIVES - "DAVID YELLOWHORSE SERIES"  I believe these knives date from the 1980's/1990's(?) and were made by Navajo Indian Artist David Yellowhorse, who produced a series of knives for the famous Buck Knives of America. David would take a 'standard issue' Buck knife - folder or fixed blade - and  produce a stunning piece of high quality Navajo art. Long out of production, these knives are highly sought after in America and make an extremely interesting addition to a Collection. Complete with wooden presentation box. 

Commission Sale.  Mint, unused condition. 



Those of us in the UK who love 'old time springbacks' but done in a modern rendition, have waited a very long time to have our own 'home grown' Superstar maker ( have no doubt - Paul is already attracting high praise from America and is going to a major force in this style of folder ) and this Swayback by Paul is a wonderful example of his work.

A 2 1/2" blade of Premium RWL-34 stainless steel and a lovely amber jigged bone handle means it's got "cuts & looks" in abundance !

Although not cheap, the quality of this work is comparable to other makers costing twice as much !

Comes complete in one of the best packages I've seen from a Maker.



I would like to share with you my own personal folder that Paul made to my specifications. The Gunstock is one of my favourite patterns and the Mammoth Ivory is some I have held for many years waiting for the "right Maker" to come along and do justice to it. I know Paul felt a lot of pressure using and working with this material as it it pretty unique - and belonged to the customer (Me!). However, I had every confidence in his natural talent and ability and the end result met with all my expectations - and then some !

To those of you still undecided about Paul's work, take my word you will not be disappointed. My advice is not to wait to long before joining his ever growing waiting list.



 SOLD JOEL CHAMBLIN "REMINGTON 1306"   A really, really lovely example of this classic Remington "Bullet" lockback folder from the vintage era - with possibly the best Amber stag you are likely to see ! (wonderful colour and excellent matching texture on both sides).

I believe the steel to be CPM154, which is the current favourite among the Top Makers.  Blade is 3 1/8" and closed length is 4 1/4" (oal 7 1/2"). This is out of a collection and I know is priced well below what the owner paid for it ! 




SOLD HOWARD HITCHMOUGH "LINERLOCK FOLDER" Once the UK's Premier knifemaker (before moving to America) this gorgeous Gentleman's folder is typical of the extremely high standard of knife Howard made while still residing here. A full-time maker since 1985 Howards work was always much sought after ( he even made a knife to be presented as a gift to Prince Charles ! ) and this knife, made in 2003, shows why. Spec: 2 3/4" blade of ATS steel. Anodized Titainium bolster. Amboyna Burl handle, with a rope file worked spine and gold anodized liners. Complete with certificate from Howard. Mint cond. £775 inc UK p&p


SOLD ENRIQUE PENA "TOOTHPICK"  A name perhaps not as well known over here in the UK but in the States Enrique is rapidly becoming "The Man" regarding slipjoints (after The Bose's of course) - he sells out at Shows in a matter of minutes. I am fortunate to own several of Enriques knives and this "Toothpick" (sometimes called a "Texas Tickler") is from my own Collection. One of his earlier knives, the workmanship is such a joy to behold, to the point that I originally bought it with the intention of using it - but it is just too nice !! Perhaps the new owner might have a little more courage than me !

3 3/4" blade (with half-stops). Closed length 5". Gorgeous Amber stag with s/s shield.  Mint condition.


SOLD JOEL CHAMBLIN "EUREKA JACK" Joel is acknowledged as one of the very best folder makers in the world and this Eureka Jack pattern explains why ! Mammoth ivory slabs set off by genuine 14K gold pins and shield makes this a real eyecatcher but still a very practical using knife with a CPM154 blade (3" from tip to bolster). Closed length 4" Stunning work, equally at home in a collection or a pocket.  Mint cond. 



Anyone who has the slightest interest in slipjoints ( or springbacks as they were known to the Sheffield makers ) will have heard of Tony Bose. Few would argue that he is the most famous maker of this style of knife in the world and is credited in America with breathing new life back into the genre - not only with his own superb creations but also through his work with Case Knives. Tony has long since stopped taking orders for his work and now, after all these years, only makes what he wants, when he wants and for who he wants ! His work is so in demand that when he attends the Atlanta Blade Show (the only Show he attends), to give everyone an equal chance of buying one of his knives, buyers names are drawn out of a hat !!

This knife is a single blade Sowbelly pattern and is numbered "2" - meaning it is the second one made after the Prototype. Tony always numbers the first 10  (prototype up to no.9) of his patterns and after that they only have his logo, so any numbered versions are always more sought after.

Spec.  3 7/8" closed with 2 7/8" D2 tool steel blade. Matching stag with a perfectly fitted "Swimsuit" shield. SIMPLY STUNNING WORK !!!!!

This is out of my own collection and is in Mint, unused condition. £1,650 inc. Worldwide postage.


SOLD JOEL CHAMBLIN "TRAPPER" A classic two-blade Trapper by one of America's Top Makers. Dressed out in Damascus blades AND bolsters and end caps !  Premium grade Pearl makes a this one of the classiest folders I have had the pleasure to handle. If you are only used to factory folders, this will absolutely blow you away !! Blades of 2 1/2" and closed length is 3 1/2".This pre-owned knife, which is a companion piece to a previously sold Chamblin, is a commission sale and priced well below what a current version by Joel would cost. Mint Condition 




SOLD Mike Zscherny.  One of THE very best American makers of this style of knife. This particular slipjoint features an ATS34 stainless steel 2 3/4" Wharncliffe blade, making it everyday legal UK carry. A "double bomb" shield set in dark green jigged bone, stainless fluted bolsters and half stops on the blade makes this folder anyone would be proud to carry - this is close to perfection !  3 5/8" closed                             Brand new from maker.


SOLD Perceval.  France.  An absolutely "drop dead gorgeous" folder by Perceval of France. This is a top of the range version of their popular liner-lock model, with a 3 1/2" stainless damascus blade and possibly the nicest Mammoth ivory I have ever seen ! (my photos do not come close to showing the beauty of this knife). Oal of 7 3/4".

Mint and brand new from the Paris Knife Show.


 SOLD H. Ohta.  Amazing Wharncliffe  single blade Trapper. Genuine Mammoth Ivory handle that has been fluted. Fluted and "Pinched" bolsters with a typical Bar shield. Another everyday carry knife and the Wharncliffe blade is perfect for those little jobs around the office.

Brand New from maker. 


SOLD JIM DUNLAP. Another great knife from Jim! Excellent folder that makes a perfect EDC (every day carry). Big enough to do most jobs but small enough not to be left at home. Classic clip-point blade (2 7/8"), s/s bolsters and lovely Sambar stag scales. Closed length is 3 1/2". Jim also made this knife with "half-stops" on the blade - which opens and closes like the proverbial bear trap!!

             I cannot praise this knife enough and I hope somebody buys it quick - before I decide to keep it myself!!

Brand new from maker. 


 SOLD Bob Dozier Trapper Liner-lock. What do I need to say about Bob Dozier - the man is a Legend in the Knifemakling World !  Superb working designs and famous for getting amazing performances from D2 tool steel (beyond what others can obtain!). This is Bob's Trapper folder - a model that is extremely hard to obtain from Bob. I have it on good authourity that Bob has only made ONE this year !!!!! This is my own knife that I bought direct from Bob at the 2007 Blade Show in Atlanta. Never been used, just admired, and has spent it's life in my safe. Maroon micarta handle, pocket clip and, of course D2 steel. Size: 4+3/4" closed. 8+1/4" open. 


SOLD Jim Dunlap. Oklahoma.  Being familiar with Jim's work, I was keen to meet him at this years Blade Show - and I was not disappointed.  A great guy making some great folders and in my opinion a name to watch !  This is a beautiful example of a deluxe folder that falls into all the requirments of the UK's "legal carry" nonsense. ( 3" non-locking ).  Just the right amount of tasteful filework on the back and lovely amber coloured jigged bone (much nicer than my photo shows), makes for a knife anybody would be proud to own. Brand new from maker. 


SOLD Chris Reeves Knives, Idaho. USA.  Umfaan - a now discontinued model, I would describe this as a very small Sebenza complete with Chris's famous frame lock.  Superb damascus blade compliments the unique graphic on the handle, complete with Cabochon inlay. This is a very special CRK folder which would make a wonderful addition to any collection but is also the perfect size to carry. (2 1/2" blade and 3" closed). Absolutely pristine condition with box and all paperwork. 


SOLD Case - Tony Bose Collaboration.

Although this is a factory made knife I feel it justifies its inclusion in this category. Every year Case work with Tony Bose (the world's no1 slipjoint maker) to produce a limited run of a knife pattern not previously made by Case. This was the 2005 offering.  As I understand it, only 3 of Case's top employees work on these knives so a lot of handwork goes into these knives ( they are far superior to Case's normal line). As a matter of interest, handmade versions of this knife by Tony have sold for over $12,000 !!!!!

This knife is also shown in the Folders category with more information.


SOLD  Joel Chamblin  "Saddlehorn Trapper".

Absolutely stunning knife!  Premium Mother of Pearl scales and damascus steel blades. Non-locking blades make it perfect for every day carry.

This is a commission sale of a mint condition knife which is priced well below todays current makers price of $1,100!



 John Hower. Custom Maker.

Lockback "Bullet" folder.  Amber stag scales.

New £375

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