Similar to High-End folders, these are knives made by some of the very best Makers in the world of Knifemaking. As with a Top Quality firearm, whether one uses these knives or simply admires them is down to the individual.

         However, I believe the real pleasure comes from owning such a fine example of the Knifemaker's craft.


Please enjoy the following knives -


A lovely little knife by the now deceased Seizo Imai, who sadly passed away in 2014. Mr. Imai was well known and respected for his work which paid homage to the great American Knifemakers such as Jess Horn, Ron lake and, as shown here, Bob Loveless. The Drop Point blade is "VG10 core, forge layered Nickel and Stainless Damascus" with a 'Nickel and Stainless damascus hilt' and a brown jigged bone handle. Blade: 2-1/2 inches. Oal: 5-3/4 inches. Complete with a brown leather 'dangler' sheath. Mint, unused condition. 


SOLD TOP: Alan Wood "WOODLORE PROFILE". Damasteel blade and Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood, with black liners, s/steel Corby bolts with a central mosaic pin. Complete with light tan Bushcraft sheath.

Mint, unused condition. 

SOLD MIDDLE: Alan Wood "DEVAL BUSHCRAFTER". Damasteel blade and lovely figured Desert Ironwood, with black liners and mosaic pins. Complete with black leather pouch sheath.

Mint, unused condition. £650 inc. UK p&p

SOLD BOTTOM: Stuart Mitchell. This model is similar to the "Deval" style but was made to a customer's spec. and is 1 of only 2-3 made. Damasteel blade with s/steel bolsters and bolts, and black micarta with blue liners.

Complete with a black leather sheath made by the late Lee Bennett in a Rob Bayley S4 style.

Mint, unused condition. £625 inc. UK p&p.

It is worth pointing out that Alan's Bushcraft knives in Damasteel are now rare ( and that may also be the case with Stuart ? )



Andy Wood (not to be confused with UK knifemaker, Alan Wood) is recognised worldwide as one of the premier Makers for this particular knife, using the same methods as the original maker, Jimmy Lile. I understand that Andy actually owns some of the originals of this knife so expect an accurate copy, true down to the last detail, with a quality that has to be seen to be appreciated. This is a chance to own one of the most famous Movie knives ever, as immortalized by Sly Stallone in his first John Rambo film. A truly spectacular knife !

( a search on YouTube will show other examples of this superb knife ).

Mint, unused condition. REDUCED PRICE- NOW £1050 inc. UK p&p


While Rob has found "Fame and Fortune" with his hugely successful S4 Survival knife ( initially made in collaboration with Bear Grylls ), he also made another design equally suitable for 'living off the land' and that was his Raven model. This model has a more classic 'Drop point blade'. According to his website, Rob no longer offers this model - and has not for a long while, so I understand - so this is a rare opportunity to acquire this superb model, complete with Rob's unique design horizontal sheath, with attachments for a Firesteel and sharpener ( I believe that this style of sheath is also no longer offered by Rob ). Blade: 4". Oal: 8-1/2".

Mint, unused condition. POA.


Superb quality !

Mint unused cond. Details shown in UTILITY KNIVES.


See details in UTILITY. 

SOLD EUGENE SHADLEY. USA. "Utility Fixed Blade".

details added asap.


please email for details.

Superb work. New from Maker. £850 inc. UK p&p.


SOLD RANDALL MADE KNIVES. USA. "Miniature Model 25".

Throughout their long history, Randall have made an occassional Miniature of their best selling models but in 1996 they made a miniature of their popular Model 25 Hunting knife, which was made in a limited number of 1500. These miniature #25's sold as fast as Randall could make them, prompting a further series of models spread out over the following years, in what has become known as 'Modern Day Miniatures'. These Miniatures have a coded Transponder Chip inserted into the handle at the time of manufacture, to avoid the problem of counterfeit miniatures (unscrupulous tricksters were known to grind down a full-size #25 to miniature proportions to fool collectors and make money, such was the demand). Genuine Randall Mini #25's can be verified by Randall, who have a transponder reader. In order to help prevent counterfeits, following miniatures of Randall Models were also stamped on the blade with a "M" (for miniature)

This particular example is one of the very first made and very desirable.

Long sold out, these Mini 25's can sell for over $1700 in the States

Oal: 6-3/4 inches. Mint condition. £850 inc. UK p&p.


A wonderful example of the skills of Navajo Artist, David Yellowhorse for Buck's Custom Shop. This is Buck's Woodsman 102 model customised by David in the early 1990's with his 'trademark' turquoise, red coral & Mop inserts, and a brass buffalo inset into Desert ironwood, all complimented by polished brass (this image is duplicated on both sides). From my research, David did not make many of these knives for Buck's Custom Shop and, as a result, are quite scarce. Complete with cardboard sleeve but no paperwork. Mint, unused condition.


An absolutely stunning example of a Puukko !  I have to confess that despite some extensive searching on the "Interweb" I cannot find any information about this maker. The blade, however, was made by the renowned and very talented Swedish bladesmith, Mattias Styrefors. 

It is very typical of his work, with its superb coloured damascus and two contrasting 'ribbons' of plain (silver?)steel.

The highly figured wood handle is made to a similar high standard with the 'icing on the cake' being an excellent scrimshawed 'Bear in Woods' on Reindeer Antler, with the initials "SAS" and dated "03".

Top quality work throughout and I know that whoever buys this exquisite knife will not be disappointed ( although it is probably too nice to actually use ? ).

Blade: 8cm. Oal:20m. Complete with black leather sheath with decorative stamping. 

Mint, unused condition.



A super upgrade on Alan's very popular ( and famous ) Mini Hunter model. Not only has he lengthened the blade but has also gone 'full on' with the materials ! The Damasteel blade is completed by a Mokume (which is a brass & copper damascus) bolster and to complete the upgrade, the handle is Mammoth Ivory ! A knife anyone would be proud to either have in a Collection or take out into the field - where, no doubt, it would be the envy of the other shooters. Complete with a brown leather 'Calvary' style sheath. Blade: 3-1/4". Oal: 7-1/2". 

New from maker. 


A truly stunning copy of Bob Loveless's famous "Dixon Fighter".

I have been 'blessed' (or is that "cursed"?) with an eye for perfection and I have to say, this knife comes very close to that ! A superb 'mirror finish' on the blade (a photographer's nightmare) with it's symetrical double ground blade and perfect fit & finish add up to an extremely well made knife - among the best I have seen. A maroon micarta handle, with intricate white liners, is again flawlessly fitted.

Complete with a African Buffalo leather sheath, also made by George.

Blade; 6 inches. Oal: 11-1/2 inches

Mint, unused condition. £700 inc. UK p&p.


A superb offering from the original Lone Wolf Knives, before they were acquired by Benchmade. Known for their very high quality, this knife is a collaboration between Knifemaker Steven Kelly and renowned Navajo Artist, David Yellowhorse. The handle is made from natural materials, black jet and yellow spiny oyster, with nickel silver inlays of running buffalo and an Indian Chief. A limited run of only 50 knives, built in the USA, this knife will enhance any collection and comes in a nicely made wooded display box, with a clear top.

Mint, unused condition. 


A stunning "High End" version of the style of knife that Bud is famous for.

Well regarded in the USA, Bud's work has always been in high demand and his knives are usually more 'utilitarian' - but every once in a while he produces showstoppers like this!  With a DARYL MEIER stainless Damascus blade, s/steel bolsters and a stunning Abalone handle. Complete with Bud's famous rare-earth magnet kydex sheath.

Mint, unused condition. 


Well, I guess I don't need to explain who Tony Bose is but to those who are unfamiliar with his work, you could say he is wholely responsible for "re-igniting" interest in the Traditional Folder genre ! Now approaching his senior years, and considered by many to be a "Living Legend", he hasn't taken orders for a long while, which makes his work even harder to come by.

This is the PROTOTYPE (!!) for his Desk Knife - a version of which is made by Case Knives - and is out of my own Collection. Tony made the knife from 154CM and handled it in gorgeous Mammoth Ivory ( a material he doesn't often use ). The sheath is made by Kerry Hampton and last time I met Tony ( at the Blade Show ) we spoke about this knife when I showed him and he kindly offered to sign the sheath for me. Blade: 3 inches. Oal: 6-1/2 inches

Mint condition - a real Collector piece. POR.


I can say with all honesty, this is the best knife that I, personally, have seen from Andy - and shows what a loss to UK Knifemaking his is now that he has stopped making knives.

This Bowie/Fighter showcases all his skills, including his superb leatherwork. Lovely fit & finish, with a stainless steel guard and spacers. Handled in Californian Buckeye Burl, if you do not have one of Andy's knives in your collection, then you could not do better than this. Blade: 6". Oal: 11".  


A rising young star on the UK Knifemaking scene, I first met Wendon Sharman and his lovely wife at KnivesUK, where I was blown away by the quality of his work - and I was not the only one, as he took home the Award for Best Fixed Blade at the Show !

Enamoured with forging, his skills at making damascus are amazing and anyone buying this knife will not be disappointed. The attention to detail is evident in his work and like the very best Makers, I suspect he is his own worst critic. The knives high quality sheaths are made by him, stamped with patterns from dies he also makes himself !

Along with Steve Nowacki, we are blessed to have two truly great Knife Forgers here in the UK and I believe that Wendon is now an ABS Apprentice Smith, with a great future ahead of him.

Along with other newcomers like Tom Weldon, the future of Knifemaking in the UK is looking decidedly rosy ! All that is needed are customers to support these very talented people.

Blade: 5-1/2" Mosaic Twist damascus. Oal: 10". Handle: Koa wood with hot blued fittings.

Brand new from Maker. 


Well known for being the UK's premier maker of Slipjoints, perhaps what is not so well known is that Paul is also a huge fan of Bob Loveless - the man and his work. So it's not too surprising that when he takes 'time out' from making exquisite folders and makes a fixed blade, it is one of Bob's masterpieces. This is a truly stunning body of work from Paul, with a mirror finish to the double grind blade and hafted in Exhibition grade Desert Ironwood, complimented by an equally stunning high quality sheath by Jan, which is lined in calf skin. Presented in a lovely display box. A true labour of love by two very talented people. Blade: 4-3/4". Oal: 9-1/2".

Brand new from Makers. POA.


Miniature Randalls are very popular in the USA, having first been occassionally offered for sale by the Orlando factory in the 1960's and 1970's ( these are very rare and there are fakes about ). Around 1996 onwards, Randall then stated producing a series of miniatures based on their more popular models and included a "micro chip" in the handle to prevent "fakes" being sold as genuine. This Model 1 Miniature was made around 1998 and out of all the Miniatures, the Model 1 is my favourite ! This is a superbly made knife, with excellent grinds and fit & finish - much harder to make than a full size version. 

Very hard to find. Mint condition. 


A stunning rendition of the classic Loveless knife by Californian maker, Jim Jacks. Upon seeing and handling this knife, two things are immediately apparent - it has the most perfectly matched and coloured Sambar stag you could wish to see and it is made from Stellite 6K, which is not a steel ! It is actually a "cobolt alloy" and I will leave you to explore further but it is known for keeping a cutting edge better than steel on meat & vegetables. Whether you test this for yourself or just admire the superb workmanship is the choice of the new owner. Blade: 3.75" Oal: 8.25". Complete with a brown leather pouch sheath

( which shows a 'water stain' ). Knife in mint, unused condition.

Commission sale. 

SOLD MURRAY CARTER. MS. "MAMMOTH IVORY NECK KNIFE".A rare chance to buy a hand forged knife by ABS Mastersmith, Murray Carter (www.cartercutlery.com). This knife was made by Murray himself and is not one of his "Muteki" stamped models ( which themselves are great knives ). Featuring a San-Mai steel blade with a White No.1 steel core, this knife is the very essence of sharpness ! There are those who say that Murray makes some of the sharpest knives in the world and when you read his background you will understand why. Handled in 'drop dead gorgeous' MAMMOTH ivory - I did not have a background picture of a Mammoth, hence the elephant :-) - with s/s and mosaic pins. Blade (from tip to handle):4" Oal: 7 1/2". Complete with a kydex neck sheath, also by Murray.

Out of my own Collection. Mint cond. 


A truly superb example of Alan's knifemaking skills, from my own Collection. This knife bears the AWood - England logo, so one might say a "vintage Alan Wood". However, the grinds on this knife are a joy to behold as is the hand rubbed finish. Coupled with premium Desert Ironwood and intricate Celtic engraving of the highest quality, makes for one of the finest knives I have had the pleasure of owning and is comparable to work by any World Class Maker. Complete with a brown leather sheath, also by Alan. Mint condition. 

I was talking to one of the UK's very best engravers at the Midland Game Fair, who reliably informed me that to duplicate the quality of this engraving at today's prices, would be in excess of £1000 !!

SOLD GEOFF HAGUE "DAMASCUS HUNTER". Nr.mint cond. Commission sale.



Roger Harrington is the Founder of the well established and successful Bison Bushcraft, but is an equally skilled knifemaker - and this has to be one of his very finest efforts ! I believe this knife is a "one-off" to showcase Roger's talents - and that of Andy Miles, the Engraver ( who has worked on H&H guns). Together they have produced an exceptional knife, with a blade of Damasteel, complimented by polished stag & black liners and, of course, Andy's superb intricate engraving. Blade:3.5" Oal:8.25"

This knife was originally offered for sale by Roger for £1200

Mint condition.



This Mr Itou Hunter has a blade of hammer forged R2 Damascus (R2 powdered high-speed tool steel as it's core,hardened to HRc62, which is then forged-sandwiched between 32 layers of stainless damascus). The handle is stunning Mammoth TOOTH, set off by red liners and mosaic pins, with a N/S guard. A deluxe Hunter to take on your next trip or the Star of a Collection.
 Oal: 9 1/4" Blade: 4 1/2". Also comes with a very well made, tooled leather sheath. Commission sale.

SOLD Rob E. Brown. I think few would argue that among South Africa's Knifemakers none are better than Rob E. Brown, who strives to make Investor-Class knives. One of the stalwarts of S/A knifemakers, he has perfected his craft to the point where it is now near flawless ! This particular knife is so perfectly made that at first I thought it was an Integral - it is that good ! A 3 3/4"mirror polished ATS34 blade with Ebony grips and a very nicely executed two-tone guard puts the finishing touch to this gorgeous knife, with an oal of 8 1/2". There is a Buffalo hide sheath that accompanies the knife. This knife is pre-owned and is in near mint condition. A rare chance to buy an example of Rob's work. 


SOLD  R. W. "Bob" Loveless.   Wow! What do I need to say. A privilege to sell a knife by the Legendary Bob Loveless. This is his Classic Dropped Hunter (his most famous model) in green micarta and 154CM stainless steel - Bob's favourite combination.

 Mint, unused condition. 


SOLD  R. W. "Bob" Loveless.  A semi-skinner model from Bob's extensive range featuring the very highly desired and much sought after double "Naked Lady" logo. Handled in very nice stag with, again, 154CM steel but does show some "tarnishing" in the solder joint.

Loveless knives are something of a rarity in the UK and will give pride of ownership whether in a collection or on a belt!

Unused, near mint condition. 


SOLD E. Jay Hendrickson.  One of the VERY best American Mastersmiths.

This hunter has a hand-forged blade of 5160 carbon steel with a handle of Curly Maple, complete with silver wire inlay in a Celtic pattern. The sheath is, perhaps, even more spectacular with matching sculptured Maple and leather. A truly stunning package !

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