An opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of using an iconic knife, without having to pay the high prices that the Ray Mears Woodlore now commands. Crafted by Alan in 'brown dyed Bird's Eye Maple', with a matching Firesteel and the 'obligatory' 01 carbon steel, this is a great knife with a slightly 'fuller' handle than some Woodlores I have handled - probably due to the black liners. This knife is pre-owned but barely shows any sign of use. Blade: 4-3/8". Oal: 8-3/4". Brown leather 'swivel' sheath.

Nr. Mint cond. Commission sale.  £450 inc. UK p&p


For those of you who are unaware, NOMAD KNIVES is run by a family friend, John, who helped Steve (SWC) in his workshop. Steve's untimely passing left a lot of unfinished knives and blade blanks lying around the workshop and with the excellent skills he learnt from his time spent with Steve, John ( who with Steve's Mother blessing, inherited his Workshop ) is now completing these knives with the proceeds going towards Steve's Mother living costs.

Both of these knives are 01 hardened steel (Rc58) blanks ground by Steve - one is the classic 'Woodlore' Bushcraft ( possibly intially destined for Ray Mears ? ) and the other is Steve's own 30 year Anniversay design. John has finished both of these to a very high standard and also furnished leather sheaths for them.

RM Bushcraft design - Blade: 4-1/4" Oal: 8-3/4". Tambootie wood with black liners. Brass bolts. Brown leather pouch sheath.

Mint, unused condition. £300 inc. UK p&p Sale pending

SWC Anniversary Design - Blade: 4-1/4" Oal: 8-3/4". Lignium Vitae wood with black & red liners. Brass bolts. Dark brown leather 'Calvary Flap' sheath, with firesteel holder.

Mint, unused condition. £350 inc UK p&p Sale pending



Used condition but a lot of life still left in it.   £390 INC. UK p&p


Now becoming harder  to find, this is the first collaboration between Steven Wade Cox and Ray Mears when they used Iroko wood for the handles. This wood was salvaged from a demolished church and so was of a finite supply and eventually all used up ( Steve and Ray then moved on to using English Oak for the handle material ).

This knife, I'm led to believe, was found in Steve's workshop after his passing and is in unused condition, although it shows a few light blemishes. As such, it does not have a Woodlore sheath (or box) but one made by Steve. A rare chance to own a sought after model, that was made in a limited number.

Excellent condition. 


I have been informed by a very knowledgable Collector that this 'Integer' model was the latest Bushcraft design made by Steve Wade Cox before his untimely passing. As such, he did not make many of these knives making it a rare beast indeed. For those of you who only know of Steve through his work with Ray Mears, this is a chance to own ( and use ? ) a knife made by someone who was a master of his craft and had an equally strong following for his own designs, as well as those made in conjunction with Ray Mears. Complete with original brown leather sheath. 

Excellent, unused condition. £450 inc. UK p&p


A rare "Flat Grind" version of the classic Woodlore knife. I have not seen many flat ground examples of Bushcraft knives by Alan but I know there are some users who like the more 'all-round' cutting & slicing ability this grind offers over the standard 'Scandi Grind'. For those who do - or would like to try something different - then this superb offering in Green/Brown stabilised Maple and premium RWL34 steel will not disappoint !

Complete with a brown leather 'swivel' sheath, with logo.

Brand new from maker.


I have managed to acquire another of these super rare knives by Alan.

As is now well establised, Alan made a new model - which he called a Pioneer - to celebrate his 25 years as a Professional Knife Maker in 2010. Other than the Prototype ( which is now in the possession of one of the UK's Premier Collectors ) Alan made 25 examples, all of which he numbered. This one, as you can see, is No.7.

Complete with the original paperwork that came with these knives plus a note from Alan to the original buyer.   

Mint, unused condition.  £POA. 


Another lovely Bushcraft knife from Alan, this time done with an "aged & textured" finish to the 01 carbon steel blade. The handle is green stabilised Maple which has a beautiful 'shimmering' colour complete with a brown "knot" near the thong hole, set off by brass bolts. Comes with a brown leather 'swivel' sheath. Blade: 4-3/8" Oal:8-3/4"

Brand new from Alan. 


Not much to say about these knives except they were extremely popular and sold out immediately upon release. Hand forged by Swedish knife maker and good friend of Ray's, Julius Pettersson, these were made to celebrate 25 years of the company, Woodlore Limited. Made in a limited number of only 250, they are now much sought after and I am pleased to offer this example for sale. 

Mint, unused condition, with box & papers.


Another example of this increasingly harder to obtain Iconic knife.

This is an earlier example by Alan as it does not have the slightly tapered tang that Alan put on the later versions. As an earlier version, this does not have the box as that was a later offering by Woodlore. It is in unused condition but looks like it the previous owner has lightly polished the blade - I can see a small "stain" at a certain angle. Because of this, the blade's logo has lost it's colour, although it still is very clear and sharp. ( much sharper than shown in my photo ! ). On the plus side, this knife has a particularly nice Bird's Eye Maple handle. Complete with it's original Neck Sheath in mint condition. £POA.


This is Sandy's latest design, a more diverse syle suiting both the Stalker or Bushcrafter and, in my opinion, makes for a great alround outdoor knife (than a Woodlore style offering). I don't think Sandy has made many of these knives yet and in fact, this particular knife is shown on YouTube, with Sandy finishing the handle.

Sandy ground the bevel with what he calls a 'Norwegian' grind, which is basically a 'zero apex' grind. He mentions, in his guarantee, that a 'secondary edge' can be applied by the owner, who has done that and as a result the bevel does show a few light sharpening marks. Not sure why the previous owner did that as he never used the knife and it went straight into his collection ! The steel is 3mm 01 Tool steel and the handle is Cocobolo, with orange G10 liners. A superb leather 'dangler' sheath completes the package. Blade: 5 inches. Oal: 9-3/4".

Nr.mint and unused. £385 inc. UK p&p

HELLE "TEMAGAMI- laminated s/steel".

Brand new & unused. £125 inc. UK p&p.


SOLD Stephen Wade Cox. "30yr. Anniversary Model".  

Chosen by Ray Mears - who held him in high esteem - to make his Bushcraft model, it is easy to forget that the late Steve Wade Cox had been an accomplised maker in his own right for many years - in fact, 30years! To celebrate this fact, Steve made a very limited edition of 30 numbered knives based on his very first knife. These extremely well made knives proved to be very popular and quickly sold out.

I have now acquired another of these very capable Bushcraft knives or, since Steve sadly passing away, a very desirable Collector's item.

Mint, unused condition. £POR


I believe this model has now been discontinued by Karesuando and may be a model called "Beaver" ? The blade is gorgeous "Rose" pattern Damasteel ( Swedish stainless damascus ) and the handle is stained Curly Birch, with a Reindeer spacer and brass guard. A fact I have discovered is that Karesuando offer a Lifetime guarantee against the blade coming loose from the handle - or a free replacement should that ever happen. Can't get any better than that ! This knife is in mint, unused condition, although the pouch sheath shows handling marks.

Blade: 3-1/4". Oal: 7-1/8".   Mint, unused condition. 


Brand new from Maker. please email for details. £325 inc. UK p&p.


Lovely knife from the skilled hands of Ben & Lois.

Mint, unused condition, complete with box & papers. £280 inc. UK p&p.

AS Custom Knives. Poland. "Puukko".

Another lovely knife I picked up at the recent Belgium Knife Show from Andrew, a Polish maker new to me. However, the quality of his work as shown in this knife is excellent. The knife is very light, having a handle of Birch with a Reindeer spacer and is also very comfortable in the hand, as the best made Puukkos are. Having a Flat grind blade of premium RWL34 stainless is the icing on the cake! Complete with a very well made leather sheath. Blade: 3-3/4". Oal: 8-1/2".

Brand new from maker. £325 inc. UK p&p


Tom is a fresh on the scene Maker, who I know as a previous customer of mine (see MAKERS PROFILE section) but has almost 'overnight' turned into a very good maker indeed ! This is the first knife I have had from Tom to sell ( I hope to offer more and more of his knives ) and the buyer of this knife will not be disappointed. The classic Woodlore profile but 'kitted out' in a Sunday best of RWL34 steel and Desert Ironwood which, in this case, gives a slightly more fuller grip than the original Woodlores. Like Ray Mears, Tom has outsourced his leatherwork to another local craftsman who has made an excellent brown sheath for this knife, in what looks like Buffalo leather. All in all a great offering to take out into the woods - or take place in a collection.

Brand new from Maker.


A lovely Bushcraft knife from this well respected American Company, which consists of a few dedicated craftspeople making the best knives they can. From what I can understand, this knife is Custom order of their standard model. Really excellent quality.

EXPLORER : 4-1/2" blade. Oal: 9-1/4". Black linen micarta handle, fastened by torx screws. 01 carbon steel. Brown leather pouch sheath.

In mint, unused condition.


Not to be confused with the modern Timberline 'Factory' knives, this 'Golden Oldie' is Custom all the way from the original Timberline knives. Named as Blade Magazine Knife of the Year in 1984, this is the earlier version with the hex bolts ( later versions had a screw slot, which could be undone with a Dime coin - I guess losing the Allen key meant you were, well, screwed !! ). This knife was made when the Rambo Hollow handle survival knives were all the rage and everyone was making their version. The three Guys at Timberline - Hardenbrook, Neeley & Sanders took a different approach to everyone else and kept a full tang, with all the "compass, fishing line, snares, etc." in the hollowed out micarta scales. The Allen key and Fire Steel are kept in the rear of the sheath. These knives are extremely well made and to find one in this unused condition is rare. Although no doubt a collector's item, this will work just as well as it was intended back when Jim Hardenbrook was still alive.

Blade: 3-1/2". Oal: 7-3/4". Whoever buys this will not be disappointed.

Mint, unused condition. NEW PRICE: £350 inc. UK p&p


email for details. Mint, unused cond. (comes with additional kydex sheath ) NEW PRICE - £345 inc. UK p&p


Superb work from Stuart, in Damasteel. please email for details& price.


A lovely knife from Alan, very much in the spirit of classic Swedish Mora but much improved with a full tang, rather than the traditional stick tang. Made in 01 carbon steel, with a very attractive 'antique ivory' Micarta handle with s/steel fittings. Blade: 3-3/4". Oal: 7-3/4". Complete with simple brown leather pouch sheath.

Commission sale. Mint, as new condition. £340 inc. UK p&p

ALAN WOOD. "25yr. Anniversary Knives".

What an opportunity ! I recently acquired No.19 from Alan's Set of 25 Anniversary knives and have decided to also release from my own Collection the Prototype for this series of knives. This is the original knife Alan designed ( and tested ) before going ahead and making the small run of knives he named Pioneer, to celebrate his 25 years as a full time Knifemaker. He has since made other Pioneer knives but these are not to be confused with the originals, marked "Pioneer XXV-A2".

SOLD PIONEER - PROTOTYPE. Mint condition. Price on request

SOLD PIONEER - 19/25. Mint condition. Price on request


I have to confess to not having heard of this Maker before, but a little research shows that he is extremely well revered in his native Iceland where he is actually listed on Tourist Information pamphlets as a 'must see' attraction. A knifemaker of 30 years standing, you can see his experience in this lovely knife as it has everything you need and nothing that you don't ! Made from a 3-layer laminated carbon blade and a handle of Reindeer, sandwiched between Buffalo horn, with a simple scrimshaw to add a little touch of class. As typical with this style of knife it comes complete with a very snug fitting sheath. All in all, a lovely package. Blade: 2-3/4" Oal: 7-1/8". 

Mint, unused condition. £275 inc. UK p&p


Not much is needed to be said about this well known classic Bushcraft knife made by Wilkinson Sword before this great firm folded.

Made to try and aleviate the huge demand for the Woodlore knife made by top UK maker, Alan Wood, these knives were more often than not used - rather than collected. This particular version, with the black micarta handle, has seen light use but is still in excellent condition. Since the demise of Wilkinson Sword, these knives are now much sought after and have become a collector's item in their own right. Complete with a RM leather sheath, with DCM & Fire stick pockets.  Excellent condition. £395 inc. UK p&p


Another example of this very popular Bushcraft knife from Alan. This is a more 'deluxe' version with a polished Stag handle, set off by blue liners and brass bolts. ( these Bushcraft knives handled in stag are quite rare as suitable stag is hard for Alan to source ). The blade has also been given a very nice hand rubbed finish, which again is not often seen on this model. Complete with a brown leather pouch sheath, with Alan's logo. Altogether a superb package. 

MINT CONDITION. £395 inc. UK p&p


A vintage knife from 1967, when the choice of knives was nowhere near as  great as today. These early Normarks however, garnered high praise for their edgeholding and razor sharpness and I have had customers who say they were the best knives they ever had !

Blade: 4 3/4" stainless. Oal: 9 1/4". Black "plastic" handle with brass fittings ( the guard shows some very light tarnish). Brown leather swivel sheath. Virtually as new condition ! 

SOLD DON REHMKE : "Bow Drill Survival Knife".

An American Maker who's work is rarely seen here in the UK, Don is no longer accepting new orders due to his backlog. This is his version of a survival knife, with a 4.5" blade of blued 01 steel (9.5" oal). The blade has a heavy duty tip for cutting a hole in a fireboard, while the green micarta scales has a divot to allow the handle to act as a bearing block for a bow drill. The kydex sheath has been designed to be held comfortably when used with a bow drill. All in all, a very well thought out design. The sheath also has a high quality shoulder strap, to allow another carry option.

Pre-owned but in "As New-unused" condition.


SOLD ALAN WOOD "RUSTIC". A really lovely small knife from Alan's "Back Catalogue" ( I like that he still makes some of his earlier designs). This is a gorgeous looking knife with it's handle of 'polished' Reindeer antler, set off by red liners and s/s bolts. Made from 01 carbon steel ( what else ! ) the size of this knife would be great for wood carving and in the hands of the Bushcrafter, would get pretty much every job done apart from batoning wood. I recently sold one of these models that had a neck sheath and although this particular version has a belt sheath, it would be perfect for 'neck carry'. Blade: 2 5/8" Oal: 6 3/8"

Brand new direct from Alan. 



This Bushcraft model is based on the exclusive design knife that Alan once made for Tamarack Outdoors, some years ago. Unfortunately, because of his extremely busy schedule, Alan could not supply Tamarack with these knives on a regular basis and as a result, these knives are quite scarce. However, Alan did recently make for them a 10yr. Anniversay model, in a limited edition of 10 numbered knives. These knives were a slightly scaled down version of the original design. I have acquired direct from Alan, three examples of a standard (non-numbered) version of this design. All are made from 1/8" 01 carbon steel, with a blade length of 3 3/4"  and oal. of 8".

This is a great design which will take care of most of your Bushcraft needs, with the bonus of having a thin enough blade for food prep.

SOLDTop : Rosewood handle

SOLDMiddle : Pere David Antler

SOLDBottom : Leadwood

Brand new direct from Alan


SOLD TOPS KNIVES "TOM BROWN TRACKER" . please email for spec.  As New. £200 inc. UK p&p.



SOLD ALAN WOOD.  "WOODCRAFT"  An absolutely stunning version by Alan of the legendary Woodcraft knife, as designed by Horace Kephart - writer of the classic book  "Camping & Woodcraft" ( a book that is a "must read" to anyone interested in Bushcraft ). This knife is an unique one-off and may have been made as a special request of the previous owner or simply made by Alan for his own satifaction, as I know he is very keen on camping/bushcraft himself.  As per the original spec, the blade is 4 1/2" and flat ground thin making it a superb slicer. The differance being, Alan has made the blade from stainless damascus (Damasteel), one of the very best steels in the world - a luxury not available to dear ol' Horace ! Leather stacked handle with a stag butt cap, n/s fittings complete the package. An extremely rare knife from Alan. 


SOLD Alan Wood. PUUKKO. This is the first ( and only ) Puukko I have seen from Alan and what a beauty - the prettiest knife I have seen from Alan !

Better known for the full tang style of "Scandi" knife, Alan has gone down the traditional route with a Curly Birch handle, brass furniture and set off with a mammoth ivory spacer over the stick tang. The 3 1/2" blade is a stunning piece of damasteel ( stainless damascus ) with a small section of rope filework on the spine, for a thumb grip. Oal is 7 1/2".  The sheath, which is well made, has not been made by Alan. This knife is out of my own collection and I know I will regret selling it. 

Mint condition. 

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