Tom is a maker who is quietly working away making great knives and using the very best materials. This particular steel is Nitrobe 77, a steel which won rave reviews but is now, sadly, no longer made by Damasteel due to the high cost of production. The actual model is Tom's 'Nomad' which he made for a customer in Newfoundland, who wanted a knife to accompany him on his wilderness trips, where he also hunted and fished for his meals. Tom has applied a grind inspired by Alan Wood's Pioneer, which has a slight hollow grind but with a small scandi grind bevel - a knife suitable for most outdoor tasks. Blade: 4 inches. Oal: 8-1/2 inches. 

Micarta handle with s/steel fittings. Complete with a very well made brown leather sheath.    New from maker. £325 inc. UK p&p


Sandy's work needs no introductions and it is easy to see why his are the most sought after Bushcraft knives in the UK. This is a 2017 example of his Classic, with some of the best Bird's-Eye Maple I have seen for a very long time. Complete with Sandy's guarantee.

Mint, unused condition. £poa.


A real workhorse of a knife - very capable of chopping and yet with a flat, tapered grind for fine cutting and food prep. (there are lots of reviews of this super knife on YouTube). This knife is rarely seen on this side of the pond - and is not so easy to obtain on the other side !

Although this knife has been occasionally used by the previous owner, showing surface scratches on the blade and the odd blemish in the K340 steel, it is only cosmetic and simply means it is no longer a 'safe queen' and can be taken out and used for its intended purpose.

Blade: 7-1/2 inches. Oal: 13 inches. Complete with kydex sheath and attachment. (only being sold as the owner is moving abroad)

Excellent condition. £275 inc. UK p&p


A model I was not aware of from this well known Sheffield firm. The only details I have been able to find is that is was probably made around 10 years ago (and is no longer available) and most likely from 01 steel?

The handle is a laminate of some description, with s/steel pins. I have to say that the quality of this knife is much better than the usual "I Cut My Way" offerings, and that also applies to the well made black leather sheath. For someone who wants a Sheffield Made knife, that is also rare, this may well tick the box. Blade:4 inches. Oal:9 inches.

Mint, unused condition. £125 inc. UK p&p


Excellent condition. £29 inc. UK p&p


Please email for details.

Mint, unused condition with box & papers. £240 inc. UK p&p.


Another 'rare' knife from Rob - this one being the actual Prototype for his Compact Raven model. Complete with indisputable provenance from Rob, who states he made this particular knife in 2008. The knife has been back to Rob who has refurbished it to an excellent standard, although the sheath still shows signs of being worn. Blade:4 inches. Oal:8-1/2 inches.

A great addition to a Collection  - or a superb working knife.

Excellent condition - refurbished by Rob. £975 inc. UK p&p.


A lovely sized knife from Alan. I don't know the name of this model which has a 'barrel' shaped handle (compared to the more usual 'Woodlore' style) with an exposed thong hole, and is very comfortable in the hand. The steel is 3mm 01 carbon tool steel ( a very useful thickness for camp chores/food prep while still having a scandi grind for woodcraft ). The handle appears to be Walnut (?), with lovely colouring. The wood must have revealed a very small natural fissure when shaping, which Alan has treated with cyanoacrylate - a common 'trick' used by knifemakers when nature doesn't always comply :). Blade:3-5/8 inches. Oal:8 inches.

Complete with a brown leather 'swivel' sheath, with logo.

Mint, unused condition. £385 inc. UK p&p.


Made in 2009, this is one of the first 100 knives Rob made under the Bear Grylls name before changing it to the now familiar "S4-Survival Knife". Complete with its original sheath (now no longer offered by Rob) and its COA, this will be a nice addition to a collection or a chance to use this well known design, without going on Rob's waiting list.



A rare Whittler model from Alan - and what makes this particular example really unique is that it has two completely different handle materials on either side ! This combination was ordered from Alan by a customer who is now, unfortunately, unable to complete on the sale so Alan has sent it to me to sell on. While it would not be my first choice of handle options it has grown on me and has a certain appeal and look that is very attractive with a Cocobolo (plus yellow liner) on one side and Giraffe Bone (plus blue liner) on the other. The bolts are a contrast of brass and s/steel and the blade is 01 tool steel (2.75mm). The butt has a hidden thong hole. Complete with a neck/belt sheath made to Alan's usual high standard. Blade: 3-1/2 inches. Oal: 7-3/4 inches.

Brand new from maker.

SOLD (1&2) ALAN WOOD. "TIMBER WOLF - no.1 + no.2".

A brand new model from Alan, which he is calling the "Timber Wolf".

I have been honoured to recieve the first two knives of this model which is a larger version of his very popular knife, the Arctic Fox. The top knife shown (No.1) has a handle of 'brown stabilised Spalted Birch' and the lower knife (No.2) has 'dark gold stabilised Maple, with grooves'. Both knives are in 01 carbon tool steel, with a 'textured & aged' finish and a scandi grind. Fittings are bronze and brass and both knives come with a very nice decorative pouch sheath. Blade:4-1/2 inches. Oal:9 inches.



Another superb knife from this Maker, who seems to fly under the radar here in the UK. These knives are among the very best that money can buy - and some even say they are close to perfection, with beautiful grinds and finish. I will say they are equal to some of the best knives I have seen - and I have seen a lot !

This particular version was made for the Polish website, Kapuga. The handle is darker than the normal version and is made from G10, rather than micarta. The steel is the highly regarded ELMAX, with a satin finish on the flat grind blade. These knives come with a very well made kydex belt sheath and the seller is also offering a TRC black leather belt sheath, which is equally well made and an extra cost option from TRC. Blade: 115mm. Oal:235mm.  Mint, unused condition. £335 inc. UK p&p


An iconic knife that Alan used to make for Ray Mears, except this version is in 12c27 stainless steel. The handle is dyed and stabilised Spalted beech, with brass fittings. Complete with a 'slim belt sheath'.

Mint, unused condition.

ALAN WOOD. "Pacific Crest Trail".

I recently received two more examples of this new model from Alan - one for my own collection and this version in yellow Micarta, with black liners and black carbon fibre fittings and s/steel pins. Again, made in premium RWL34 s/steel, with a flat grind blade set off with a hand rubbed finish, this neck knife has looks and usefulness in abundance. The only potential 'downside' is that the logo has slightly blurred - although it does not look that bad to me (and certainly not as bad as it looks in my photo) plus I suspect this knife will be a working knife not a safe queen ! Blade: 2-3/4". Oal: 6-7/8". Complete with kydex neck sheath and complimentary paracord. Brand new. £310 inc. UK p&p

RAY MEARS BUSHCRAFT. "MY Parang Duku Chandong".

Bought by myself but never used. Now out of stock on Ray's website, and selling for a slightly cheaper price.

Mint, unused condition. £85 inc. UK


See details in  HIGH END KNIVES.


Before Ray, there was Lofty (Wiseman) and this chap Eddie McGee, an expert in survival training. First published in 1978 ( this is the 1986 reprint in paperback ) the information is still 1st class - although some may find the illustrations a little amatuerish ? 

Very good condition. 

SOLD ALAN WOOD. "PCT - Pacific Crest Trail".

A brand new model from Alan. Designed for a customer who was looking for a knife that would cover his needs for both hiking and overnight camping. Having previous experience in hiking the famous Appalachian Trail, his next trip was to be the "Pacific Crest Trail" and he wanted a more robust knife than the pocket knife he usually carried. I'm certain he would not have been disappointed with this model, with its flat grind blade of premium RWL34 steel. This particular example has a slim handle of carbon fibre, with the inner colour exposed, and is offset by a combination of carbon fibre and s/steel pins, with an orange G10 centre pin. Complete with a kydex neck sheath and lanyard. Blade: 3". Oal:7".

Brand new from Maker.


An iconic Bushcraft knife that is rarely seen up for sale! This is an early version ( with the hole in the blade ) and crafted in 01 steel. If you are reading this then you know all about this classic knife and no further background info is needed.  Complete with original brown sheath.

Mint unused condition. POA


A Ray Mears knife that needs little introduction. Steve (Wade Cox) stepped in to fill the void left by Wilkinson Sword and Alan Wood. Superbly made, initially in Iroko wood and thereafter in Oak. Steve was also in the early stages on making the 'Woodlore Pro' for Ray when he passed away all too soon.

This particular knife looks to be in unused condition - until you turn it over and see the the bevel has numerous sharpening scratches on the bevel. Quite bizarre as the other bevel is untouched. POA


Ontario Knife Company. USA. "BUSHCRAFT-WOODSMAN"'

A real handful of a knife - and actually made in the USA, rather than 'elsewhere' ! The epitome of a 'Camp Knife', this is just as capable of constructing a shelter or the makings for a fire. This knife is the carbon steel version, made from 5160 steel, which I believe may now be discontinued ? Complete with a Firesteel & Striker, carried in the front pouch on the sheath and a braided paracord 'bracelet'. The handle is laminated wood. Blade: 9-1/2". Oal: 14-1/2".  

Boxed, as new. £120 inc. p&p.

SOLD ALAN WOOD. "NYS - New York Special".

A brand new model from Alan. This design is the result of a collaboration between Alan and a customer living in New York City, who wanted a knife that would comply with NY's stringent Knife Laws - but be more than suitable for the outdoors when he spent time at his family's hunting cabin in upper NY State. His chosen method of getting there involved public transport followed by hiking through the woods, which entailed an overnight camp before arriving at the cabin, where hunting and fishing occupied his time. After much discussion, this desigh is the outcome.

Flat grind premium RWL34 steel and white Micarta, with black carbon fibre rods and tubes, makes for a very striking looking knife. The kydex sheath is also a little unique, with rubber tubing to incorporate survival items ( a concept that Alan first saw used by Dave McIntyre ).

Blade: 4". Oal: 8-3/8". This is a very comfortable knife to hold.

Now with additional leather neck sheath from Alan

Brand new from Maker. £390 inc. UK p&p.


A lovely knife from Alan and a model that I don't often get - and what is even more unusual is that it is in Elmax steel, a steel that Alan has only used occassionally. Very comfortable in the hand, with a green/black micarta handle and complete with a kydex neck sheath, with lanyard. A very attractive and practical package. Blade: 90mm. Oal: 200mm.

Mint, unused cond. £370 inc. UK p&p


Flat grind RWL 34, with Sheephorn handle. Superb !


details added asap.


please email for details.

Mint, as new cond. £150 inc. UK p&p.


A super rare knife from Dan Hume and made by one of the UK's leading Bushcraft Knife Makers, Ben Orford. These knives were made in limited numbers for Dan when he set up his own Bushcraft School after many years working for Ray Mears, where he was Chief Instructor and Head of Operations ( see www.danhume.com ). Taking this experience, he applied it to his own thoughts on the ideal Bushcraft knife. This particular knife is made from 01 carbon steel, which is no longer offered as an option. The handle is carbon fibre with red liners. The previous owner has lightly used this knife but it is still in very good condition. Blade: 3-1/2". Oal: 7-3/4".

Complete with the original kydex sheath and presentation box.

Very good condition. 


The first book written by Ray - when he was still known as Raymond- in 1990 (this book was reprinted in 1994). An fascinating insight into what was to follow in the years ahead. Particularly interesting is the chapter on Cutting Tools where you can clearly see Ray's thoughts on his 'ideal' knife, which were just waiting for his fortuitous meeting with Knifemaker Alan Wood - and a Legend to be born ! 

Excellent condition. £20 plus UK p&p


American Knifemaker Phil Wilson is well known for his utilitarian knife designs and experimenting with various 'super' steels regarding their suitability as blades. No surprise then that he and Spyderco (also renowned for their exotic steels) got together. This particular knife is made from CPM-S90V, a stainless steel with a reputation for superb edgeholding. I have included this knife in my Bushcraft section as I feel it would make a super camp knife with its thin, flat ground blade.

Blade: 4.75 inches. Oal:9.5 inches. Complete with its original kydex sheath but no box.  Mint, unused condition. £325 inc. UK p&p


As I'm sure most Bushcraft aficionados will know, this model was designed in collaboration with UK Knifemaker, Chris Claycombe. Chris's design is a refreshing change from the more classic 'Woodlore' shape but is equally capable. A black G10 handle with an 01 carbon steel blade makes a nice mix of modern and traditional. The seller tells me he has lightly used this knife - but you have to look hard to see. Complete with original black leather sheath but no box. As is not unusual for Spyderco, this model had a relatively short life span and has now been discontinued.

Excellent condition. £275 inc. UK p&p


This is a sought after model from TRC knives which has since been discontinued from their range. Made from a Premium steel (N690) with a 'high' Scandi grind and a comfortable handle of 'Black Canvas Micarta' ( which actually looks more 'green' to me ). I believe whoever buys this knife will not be disappointed with it performance. Complete with a brown leather 'dangler' sheath with a fire steel holder. Blade: 4.25 inches. Oal: 9 inches.  "NOS" (new old stock ). 


A super knife by Heimo Roselli, who forges all of his knives, which is a traditional knife used by Lapland's Reindeer herders. As such, it will certainly "pay its way" in the woods. This knife has been lightly used but is still in great condition. Blade: 190mm. Oal: 310mm. Complete with original sheath. Very good condition. 



A super example of Alan work, fitted out in white Micarta (Tufnol) with red liners and s/s fittings. The steel is 12c27. A combination that will handle anything that nature's worst elements can throw at it !

Complete with black leather Bushcraft sheath with fire steel holder.

Mint, unused condition. 


Lon has made a name for himself forging the "old fashioned way" and this classic knife of Horace Kephart fame is a great example. A 'no frills' knife, this is possibly closer in reality to what Horace himself would have used - apart from the black micarta handle - having his made by a country blacksmith. Horace never found reason to complain and you may well feel the same. Blade: 4-1/2". oal: 9". The steel is 3/16th stock 1095 carbon. The knife has been lightly used. Complete with original sheath.

Very good condition. £175 inc. UK p&p


A model not often seen from the Dozier Workshop but for Lovers of Classic Bushcraft - before Ray came along - this Kephart model will 'tick a lot of boxes'. Made from D2 Tool steel, with Bob Dozier's famous 'Heat treat', and a red micarta handle for good visibility, who wouldn't want to take this out into the woods ( when this Coronavirus 'Lock Down' is finished ! ). Blade: 1/8" thickness - 4-1/4" length. Oal: 9". Complete with a black kydex sheath. Mint, unused cond.


Not to be confused with the modern Timberline 'Factory' knives, this 'Golden Oldie' is Custom all the way from the original Timberline knives. Named as Blade Magazine Knife of the Year in 1984, this is the earlier version with the hex bolts ( later versions had a screw slot, which could be undone with a Dime coin - I guess losing the Allen key meant you were, well, screwed !! ). This knife was made when the Rambo Hollow handle survival knives were all the rage and everyone was making their version. The three Guys at Timberline - Hardenbrook, Neeley & Sanders took a different approach to everyone else and kept a full tang, with all the "compass, fishing line, snares, etc." in the hollowed out micarta scales. The Allen key and Fire Steel are kept in the rear of the sheath. These knives are extremely well made and to find one in this unused condition is rare. Although no doubt a collector's item, this will work just as well as it was intended back when Jim Hardenbrook was still alive.

Blade: 3-1/2". Oal: 7-3/4". Whoever buys this will not be disappointed.

Mint, unused condition. NEW PRICE: £350 inc. UK p&p


Now becoming harder  to find, this is the first collaboration between Steven Wade Cox and Ray Mears when they used Iroko wood for the handles. This wood was salvaged from a demolished church and so was of a finite supply and eventually all used up ( Steve and Ray then moved on to using English Oak for the handle material ).

This knife, I'm led to believe, was found in Steve's workshop after his passing and is in unused condition, although it shows a few light blemishes. As such, it does not have a Woodlore sheath (or box) but one made by Steve. A rare chance to own a sought after model, that was made in a limited number.

Excellent condition. 


A rare "Flat Grind" version of the classic Woodlore knife. I have not seen many flat ground examples of Bushcraft knives by Alan but I know there are some users who like the more 'all-round' cutting & slicing ability this grind offers over the standard 'Scandi Grind'. For those who do - or would like to try something different - then this superb offering in Green/Brown stabilised Maple and premium RWL34 steel will not disappoint !

Complete with a brown leather 'swivel' sheath, with logo.

Brand new from maker.


Not much to say about these knives except they were extremely popular and sold out immediately upon release. Hand forged by Swedish knife maker and good friend of Ray's, Julius Pettersson, these were made to celebrate 25 years of the company, Woodlore Limited. Made in a limited number of only 250, they are now much sought after and I am pleased to offer this example for sale. 

Mint, unused condition, with box & papers.

SOLD Stephen Wade Cox. "30yr. Anniversary Model".  

Chosen by Ray Mears - who held him in high esteem - to make his Bushcraft model, it is easy to forget that the late Steve Wade Cox had been an accomplised maker in his own right for many years - in fact, 30years! To celebrate this fact, Steve made a very limited edition of 30 numbered knives based on his very first knife. These extremely well made knives proved to be very popular and quickly sold out.

I have now acquired another of these very capable Bushcraft knives or, since Steve sadly passing away, a very desirable Collector's item.

Mint, unused condition. £POR

ALAN WOOD. "25yr. Anniversary Knives".

What an opportunity ! I recently acquired No.19 from Alan's Set of 25 Anniversary knives and have decided to also release from my own Collection the Prototype for this series of knives. This is the original knife Alan designed ( and tested ) before going ahead and making the small run of knives he named Pioneer, to celebrate his 25 years as a full time Knifemaker. He has since made other Pioneer knives but these are not to be confused with the originals, marked "Pioneer XXV-A2".

SOLD PIONEER - PROTOTYPE. Mint condition. Price on request

SOLD PIONEER - 19/25. Mint condition. Price on request


Another example of this very popular Bushcraft knife from Alan. This is a more 'deluxe' version with a polished Stag handle, set off by blue liners and brass bolts. ( these Bushcraft knives handled in stag are quite rare as suitable stag is hard for Alan to source ). The blade has also been given a very nice hand rubbed finish, which again is not often seen on this model. Complete with a brown leather pouch sheath, with Alan's logo. Altogether a superb package. 



A vintage knife from 1967, when the choice of knives was nowhere near as  great as today. These early Normarks however, garnered high praise for their edgeholding and razor sharpness and I have had customers who say they were the best knives they ever had !

Blade: 4 3/4" stainless. Oal: 9 1/4". Black "plastic" handle with brass fittings ( the guard shows some very light tarnish). Brown leather swivel sheath. Virtually as new condition ! 

SOLD DON REHMKE : "Bow Drill Survival Knife".

An American Maker who's work is rarely seen here in the UK, Don is no longer accepting new orders due to his backlog. This is his version of a survival knife, with a 4.5" blade of blued 01 steel (9.5" oal). The blade has a heavy duty tip for cutting a hole in a fireboard, while the green micarta scales has a divot to allow the handle to act as a bearing block for a bow drill. The kydex sheath has been designed to be held comfortably when used with a bow drill. All in all, a very well thought out design. The sheath also has a high quality shoulder strap, to allow another carry option.

Pre-owned but in "As New-unused" condition.

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I will reply as soon as possible and, as always, strive to offer a professional service.

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          In Memoriam



A true Legend. I am proud to have known and met him. The Knifemaking world is a lesser place without him.


STEPHEN WADE COX - A terrific knifemaker and a really nice guy. I shall miss him greatly.