spec. to follow. V. Good cond. £225 inc. UK p&p.


I have been fortunate to be able to acquire a few of these great bushcraft knives from Alan recently. Basically, a slightly scaled down version of the classic Woodlore, with a comfortable handle shape, this model has proved to be a very popular seller. Blade: 3 1/4" 01 carbon steel, with an "aged & textured" finish. Oal: 7 3/8". Brass fittings on Bocote (Mexican Rosewood) with 'brick red' liners . Complete with dark brown pouch sheath.

Brand new direct from Alan. £345 inc UK p&p


This model by Ed Martin Knives is his Bush Hunter - which is a 'crossover' Bushcraft - Hunter. A really nice design and this particular knife is set up for Bushcraft use with an excellent sheath, complete with 'ferro' rod and diamond sharpening stone. The 3 5/8" blade is from the highly regarded S35VN steel and the black micarta handle is of the 'hidden' tang variety, fastened with two s/s pins. Oal: 7 7/8". Ed's work is of a very high quality and whoever buys this knife will not be disappointed. Mint condition. £310 inc. UK p&p.


Brand new from Alan, a wonderful selection of knives to take out into the woods. Alan has given the 01 carbon steel blades an "aged & textured" finish, which not only gives them a very "rustic" look - but also helps with the maintenance of that particular steel. The handles are Cocobolo and Bocote wood, with brass fittings.

SOLD M.A.K. (My Adventure Knife). 

Blade:5" Oal: 9.75" Bocote handle. Complete with l/brown swivel sheath, with logo.


Blade: 4.5" Oal: 8.75. Cocobolo handle. Complete with l/brown swivel sheath, with logo.


Blade: 3.5" Oal: 7.25" Cocobolo handle. Complete with dk/brown pouch sheath.

All knives in mint condition, with certificates from Alan.

SOLD  ALAN WOOD "FIN". A  relatively new model from Alan ( this is out of my own collection and may well be the first of this model). I would describe this as a 'extended' version of his Neck Whittler that he makes from time to time. The steel is 01 carbon steel (1/8"), now pretty much the standard Bushcraft steel, and handled in Scandinavian Birch, with a really lovely pattern. Enhanced by red liners and a lovely tapered tang. Brass bolts. This knife is almost too pretty to use !

Blade: 3.75". Oal: 8" Brown leather 'logo' swivel sheath.

Mint condition. 



A vintage knife from 1967, when the choice of knives was nowhere near as  great as today. These early Normarks however, garnered high praise for their edgeholding and razor sharpness and I have had customers who say they were the best knives they ever had !

Blade: 4 3/4" stainless. Oal: 9 1/4". Black "plastic" handle with brass fittings ( the guard shows some very light tarnish). Brown leather swivel sheath. Virtually as new condition ! 


A real find ! One of the very early Woodlores, complete with original sheath, also made by Alan. Some of you will already know that when Ray first started offering these knives to the students on his Bushcraft courses ( which was the only way you could obtain this knife at the start of Ray's career ), Alan supplied both the knife and the sheath.

As demand for this knife grew and grew, Alan had to say that orders from his own customers did not leave him the time to supply both knife and sheath - hence the sheath was, and still is, outsourced.

What a lot of people don't know is that in the beginning, Ray & Alan came up with the notion of numbering these Woodloes knives.  As these knives were made infrequently ( to be sold only to those on Ray's courses ) and no definitive records were being kept, the numbering system became a little "confused" and the idea was dropped with only a few being numbered. Because of that, to find a numbered Woodlore is a rare find indeed !

A Star of anyone's Collection - or just as capable of being a great user with superb "bragging rights" !!

This knife has just come back from Alan where it received a little "TLC". Excellent condition. £POR.


While I have previously had the pleasure of selling Rob Evans superb version of this iconic bushcraft knife, this is the first time I have been able to offer the original knife by Rod Garcia. Made in collaboration with Bushcraft 'Living Legend' Mors Kochanski, this knife is much sought after. This particular knife appears to be unused and is just waiting for someone to take it out into the woods ! 

Blade: 3 7/8" 01 carbon steel. Brass fittings and dark green micarta. Oal: 8 1/2". 

SOLD ROGER HARRINGTON "BISON BUSHCRAFT KNIFE". please email for details. Excellent Condition.


A chance to buy one of Ben's most popular models but with the added bonus of being made from D2 Tool steel ( a steel used to cut other steels ! ). Famous for keeping a long lasting edge, D2 is not quite stainless but keeps the dreaded "R word" at bay much better than 01 carbon. And to make this knife even more special, the handle material is 'Thunderstorm' kevlar. Complete with a superb brown leather 'dangler style' sheath by Lois. All in all, a great package from two of the best Bushcraft knifemakers out there.

Brand new condition, complete with box & paperwork.

£375 inc. UK p&p.

SOLD RAY MEARS "BUSHCRAFT" IROKO Wood.  Superb condition.

Please email for details. New Price : £645 inc W'wide postage.

STUART MITCHELL "DEVAL BUSHCRAFT". please email for details.

SOLD ALAN WOOD "WHITTLER". A really nice model from Alan that is very similar in size and shape to the classic red handled Mora - except this is a hundred times better ! Handled in Honduras Rosewood, with brass fittings, and 01 carbon steel with a lovely tapered tang. Complete with a leather neck sheath. For someone who doesn't want ( or need ! ) a big knife - or simply likes a back-up, this knife will not disappoint.

Blade: 3.5" Oal: 7.75" Mint, unused condition. £345 inc. UK p&p



I have been asked to sell a collection of Ben's superb Bushcraft knives on behalf of a customer. All knives are in mint, unused condition complete with boxes, guarantee's and, of course, top quality leatherwork by Lois.


Top to bottom -

SOLD WOODLANDER - 4" CLASSIC : Reindeer Antler with red liners. 3mm 01 carbon steel. Chocolate brown swivel sheath with firesteel holder. 

WHITTLER : Olive Ash. 3mm 01 carbon steel. Dark brown sheath with firesteel holder. £340 inc. UK p&p new price - £270 


SOLD PIXIE : Masur Birch (stabilished). 2.5mm Unpolished 01 carbon steel.


SOLD PIXIE : Antler with red liners. 3mm Polished 01 carbon steel. Natural neck sheath.


PIXIE : Walnut with black liners. 2mm 01 carbon steel. Woodland tan neck sheath. £325 inc. UK p&p new price - £260



A knife that needs no introduction, this now Iconic Bushcraft knife was bought and used by it's owner and, no doubt, did not disappoint in performance. However, the owner found the original handle a little too "slim" in use and has therefore re-handled it in Irish Bog Oak ( I have to say, he has made a very good job of it ). Although this knife has been extensively used, it has not been abused but be aware that it shows signs of sharpening, etc. ( this in NOT a mint example! ). Good condition still and priced accordingly. 

Commission sale. £475 inc. UK p&p



SOLD DON REHMKE : "Bow Drill Survival Knife".

An American Maker who's work is rarely seen here in the UK, Don is no longer accepting new orders due to his backlog. This is his version of a survival knife, with a 4.5" blade of blued 01 steel (9.5" oal). The blade has a heavy duty tip for cutting a hole in a fireboard, while the green micarta scales has a divot to allow the handle to act as a bearing block for a bow drill. The kydex sheath has been designed to be held comfortably when used with a bow drill. All in all, a very well thought out design. The sheath also has a high quality shoulder strap, to allow another carry option.

Pre-owned but in "As New-unused" condition.

                                    ALAN WOOD "PIONEER". 

SOLD  This was the model designed by Alan to commemorate his 25 years in knifemaking ( his actual 25yr. Anniversary models quickly sold out ! ).

Designed as a Bushcraft knife for those who wanted more than just a Scandi grind tool, this is more of an alround tool for the advanced "Bushcrafter", with a "hump" semi skinner shape and hollow ground - but with a small and useful scandi ground edge. Alan says in use, this design has proved to be very effective.

A2 steel with some very nice 'vintage/aged' Stag, plus an unused 'firesteel' in the same stag.  Blade:3 3/4". Oal 8".

This is a rare chance to obtain this sought after model.



SOLD ALAN WOOD "RUSTIC". A really lovely small knife from Alan's "Back Catalogue" ( I like that he still makes some of his earlier designs). This is a gorgeous looking knife with it's handle of 'polished' Reindeer antler, set off by red liners and s/s bolts. Made from 01 carbon steel ( what else ! ) the size of this knife would be great for wood carving and in the hands of the Bushcrafter, would get pretty much every job done apart from batoning wood. I recently sold one of these models that had a neck sheath and although this particular version has a belt sheath, it would be perfect for 'neck carry'. Blade: 2 5/8" Oal: 6 3/8"

Brand new direct from Alan. 



This Bushcraft model is based on the exclusive design knife that Alan once made for Tamarack Outdoors, some years ago. Unfortunately, because of his extremely busy schedule, Alan could not supply Tamarack with these knives on a regular basis and as a result, these knives are quite scarce. However, Alan did recently make for them a 10yr. Anniversay model, in a limited edition of 10 numbered knives. These knives were a slightly scaled down version of the original design. I have acquired direct from Alan, three examples of a standard (non-numbered) version of this design. All are made from 1/8" 01 carbon steel, with a blade length of 3 3/4"  and oal. of 8".

This is a great design which will take care of most of your Bushcraft needs, with the bonus of having a thin enough blade for food prep.

SOLDTop : Rosewood handle

SOLDMiddle : Pere David Antler

SOLDBottom : Leadwood

Brand new direct from Alan


SOLD TOPS KNIVES "TOM BROWN TRACKER" . please email for spec.  As New. £200 inc. UK p&p.


SOLD CHRIS CLAYCOMB "BUSHCRAFT".  A very scarce knife as Chris's knives rarely come up for sale and I know his yearly output is very low. Chris, as anyone who's been around Bushcraft for while will know, was very much involved with the desigh of the Spyderco Bushcraft knife. This knife is out of my own collection and was made for me by Chris - but I've never got around to using it. Made from 3mm RWL34 steel, in a Flat grind, with a convex edge. As testement to Chris's superb knifemaking skills, the handle has been made with a hidden tang. All in all, a very well made knife indeed. Blade:4.25" Oal:9.25.   Mint, unused cond.




SOLD BRIAN GOODE "BUSHCRAFT". This is the first time I have seen an example of this North Carolina's Makers work - and I am very impressed. Apparently I am not the only one who admires Brian's work as he has now closed his order book due to the long backlog (his work can be seen at www.bgoodeknives.com). Made from the 'traditional' steel for Bushcraft knives, 01 carbon, the knife is unused, having also come out of the same collection but shows signs of patina on the spine and one or two 'spots', although I am being fussy. Blade:4 1/2". Oal:9 1/2". Complete with dark brown leather pouch sheath. Nr. mint cond.


SOLD StephenWadeCox "30yr. Anniversary Model"  Chosen by Ray Mears - who holds him in high esteem - to make his Bushcraft model, it is easy to forget that Stephen has been an accomplised maker in his own right for many years - in fact, 30years! To celebrate this fact, Stephen has made a very limited edition of 30 knives based on his very first knife. These extremely well made knives proved to be very popular and quickly sold out. However, I was fortunate enough to aquire two before it was too late. One of these is now in my own collection and I am offering the other one here. I can see these knives being a very capable (obviously) working Bushcraft knife - or being a very desirable Collector's item.

Brand New with certificate.


SOG "FIELD KNIFE" spec to follow



Not quite sure that this knife belongs in the BUSHCRAFT section but it would surely be useful in the woods. Dating from (I imagine) the 1980's this follows the hollow-handle craze from that time but this one differs in that it is excellent quality from the renowned German firm of Carl Schlieper. A 7" stainless blade with sawteeth that are actually offset (!) to cut wood. With an Oal of 12", this is a substantial knife in the hand that oozes vintage quality. Original sheath with a pocket for a stone (not included) or extra survival aids.

Excellent cond. 


SOLD BISON BUSHCRAFT "NORDIC ". Maker - Roger Harrington. 



SOLD ALAN WOOD.  "WOODCRAFT"  An absolutely stunning version by Alan of the legendary Woodcraft knife, as designed by Horace Kephart - writer of the classic book  "Camping & Woodcraft" ( a book that is a "must read" to anyone interested in Bushcraft ). This knife is an unique one-off and may have been made as a special request of the previous owner or simply made by Alan for his own satifaction, as I know he is very keen on camping/bushcraft himself.  As per the original spec, the blade is 4 1/2" and flat ground thin making it a superb slicer. The differance being, Alan has made the blade from stainless damascus (Damasteel), one of the very best steels in the world - a luxury not available to dear ol' Horace ! Leather stacked handle with a stag butt cap, n/s fittings complete the package. An extremely rare knife from Alan. 


SOLD  DAN KOSTER "BUSHCRAFT - flat grind".   spec to follow £195 inc. p&p


SOLD SPYDERCO "BUSHCRAFT UK" Another knife from my own collection, this is from the "ill-fated" first run of Spyderco's Bushcraft knives, designed by our very own Chris Claycombe. These knives suffered with awful quality control of the "stabilised" wood by Spyderco's supplier, with most suffering from "cracks and splits" of various degrees and as such, received poor reviews - although the knife design and 01 carbon blade are superb. I was one of the lucky ones as this particular knife had excellent matched wood with only 2 or 3 extremely small cracks, which I repaired with advice from Alan Wood. Blade length of 4". Oal 8 3/4". This would make a great knife to take into the woods !




  These knives were made several years ago to commemorate Alan's twenty five years as a Professional Knifemaker ( quite an achievement here in the UK ! ). Possibly the most sought after Alan Wood knife (?) only 25 were made and most, if not all, quickly disappeared into collections and this one was no exception as it is out of my own collection ( I still have another - which is not for sale ). This no.18 has a wonderfully figured Cocobolo handle and is, as you would expect, in mint condition. Rarer than Hen's teeth !



  SOLD ALAN WOOD "NORTREK".  A model by Alan that can serve the Hunter as well as it does the Bushcrafter - and excel in either purpose ! Really comfortable handle of "white/cream" Tufnol and a 12c27 s/s blade (Rockwell 59.5c) with a very nicely tapered tang and a "sharp" spine for striking a firesteel. 4" blade. Oal 8 1/2". 

SOLD  ROB BAYLEY "RAVEN" model. After Alan (Wood), Rob Bayley's Bushcraft knives are the most sought after - due to his initial association with Bear Grylls. This is his now dis-continued Raven model ( Rob seems to be concentrating solely on his S4 model now). With a "drop-point" blade of RWL34 powdered steel, I feel this is a more useful alround knife to serve the owner well, particularly with Rob's signature handle design. This knife also has the sheath with sharpening stone plus fire steel, a feature which I understand is also no longer available from Rob. Shame, as this sheath is a work of art in itself !

         I would describe this knife as near mint - the guard shows signs of being inserted into the sheath and I can (just) detect a faint sharpening scratch although the blade appears to have the original edge ? The fire steel has been struck a few times ( possibly on the spine of the knife - hard to tell ). All in all, this is a knife that few will find fault with.


SOLD RAY MEARS BUSHCRAFT by WILKINSON SWORD. Another knife that needs no introduction to Bushcrafters. Made by Wilkinson Sword to try and meet the demand for the hugely popular Woodlore, most of these knives were, I suspect, used rather than collected. As such, it is becoming harder to find mint examples. Ironically, these knives are now themselves becoming collector pieces since the demise of the Wilkinson Sword factory. This is as nice an example of these knives that you are likely to see. Never used and in mint condition. 


 SOLD Tom Krien Bushcrafter.  Top USA maker with a long waiting list. 01 carbon steel, flat grind blade with brown micarta handle. Kydex sheath. New.  

HELLE. Finland

SOLD  Helle.  TEMAGAMI. This well known and and respected Finnish firm has produced what I believe is the finest Bushcraft knife in their extensive range - the Temagami. Made in co-operation with noted Canadian Bushcraft expert, Les Stroud (who you might call Canada's answer to our own Ray Mears) this is a Hand-crafted knife with a full tang ( as opposed to Helle's usual stick tangs ) that would not let you down in the Bush. Traditional Curly Birch handle with what looks to be the laminated carbon steel version blade, that shows signs of being lightly used and sharpened. Oal is 9", with a 4 1/2" blade that has "striker notches" on the spine for use with a firesteel. As mentioned, this knife has been used but is still in excellent condition. Complete with original sheath but no box(tube) or papers.


SOLD Alan Wood. PUUKKO. This is the first ( and only ) Puukko I have seen from Alan and what a beauty - the prettiest knife I have seen from Alan !

Better known for the full tang style of "Scandi" knife, Alan has gone down the traditional route with a Curly Birch handle, brass furniture and set off with a mammoth ivory spacer over the stick tang. The 3 1/2" blade is a stunning piece of damasteel ( stainless damascus ) with a small section of rope filework on the spine, for a thumb grip. Oal is 7 1/2".  The sheath, which is well made, has not been made by Alan. This knife is out of my own collection and I know I will regret selling it. 

Mint condition. 


SOLD  Limited Edition Woodlore Knife - no.207/250.  Made by Swedish blacksmith Julius Pettersson to commemorate Ray Mears's Woodlore School 25th anniversary. Hand forged blade in the Classic Woodlore shape. While this knife would make a great "user" I suspect most, if not all, of the stunning knives end up in collections ! Mint, boxed condition. 

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Starting the New Year with a couple of Alan Woods in BUSHCRAFT & UTILITY  and a super rare PUMA in HUNTING. Enjoy.



I trust an enjoyable Xmas was had by all. It has been quiet on here as I spent the holiday visiting friends in Slovenia ( cold weather but warm friendship ! ).

May I thank all my customers for your continued support and interest and (Government permiting !! ) I look forward to offering more fine knives for your enjoyment in 2018.

A very Happy New Year to one and all.



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          In Memoriam

Stephen Wade Cox - terrific knifemaker and a really nice guy. I shall miss him greatly.