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      Selling Custom Knives and knife related books at Arms Fairs in the 1980's is how some of you may remember me. Then, I was known as Books & Blades. From there, I graduated to selling more knives and included selling at Game Fairs, now trading as Blades (less books - more knives).  Although always more of a collector than a dealer, I have finally at the request of many customers set up this website. From here onwards I shall trade as www.customknife.co.uk

                                                                                                                        I try to have knives for sale by our top UK Knifemakers and a selection of fine knives by French and also Japanese makers but my main interest are Custom Knives from the USA, where the concept of the Custom Knife started. My interest seemed to co-incide with the birth of the Custom Knife in the 1970's (if I had known then what I know now, I would have bought as many knives as I could!). Now, the Custom Knife phenomenon has spread all over the world and it would be fair to say we are now witnessing the finest knives ever made.

            You are welcome to explore a small part of this fascinating art through this website.

Colin D. Cooper

Broke but happy after the Paris Knife Show.

Yours truly, Jerry Fisk (Yes, THE Jerry Fisk !) and the lovely "Bob".

                  A privilege to meet Stan Shaw in his workshop

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  Due to the ever increasing interest in this website, I find myself struggling to answer queries & emails as promptly as I would like. Because this is still a part-time venture and I like to offer a personal, one on one service, time is sometimes an issue - so please accept my apologies in advance for any delays in replying. I will reply as soon as possible and, as always, strive to offer a professional service. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and custom.


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Vintage Puma knives added in FOLDERS & UTILITY.




Details to follow asap.





Starting the New Year with a couple of Alan Woods in BUSHCRAFT & UTILITY  and a super rare PUMA in HUNTING. Enjoy.



I trust an enjoyable Xmas was had by all. It has been quiet on here as I spent the holiday visiting friends in Slovenia ( cold weather but warm friendship ! ).

May I thank all my customers for your continued support and interest and (Government permiting !! ) I look forward to offering more fine knives for your enjoyment in 2018.

A very Happy New Year to one and all.



Knives added in HUNTING & UTILITY.












          In Memoriam

Stephen Wade Cox - terrific knifemaker and a really nice guy. I shall miss him greatly.