Mint & Unused condition. £285 inc. UK p&p

SOLD SOG. "FAT CAT". Mint & Unused. A stunning knife!  


SALE PENDING CKF. "MUSCLE. Mint & Unused condition. Email for spec. 

£320 inc.UK p&p


If, like me, you are a lover of Ol' Timey folders that take you back to the days when 'thumb studs' and 'Flippers' were figments of the imagination and all an Outdoorsman needed in his pocket was a carbon steel two blade folder, then this is the knife for you. Long discontinued and made from Cold Steel's famous 'Carbon V' steel ( also no longer produced ) this Classic Two Blade Hunter is a big knife and as such comes with it's own optional belt sheath. Closed length is 5-1/4" and the blades are 4-1/8". With nickel silver bolsters and imitation black jigged bone, this is a striking looking knife. Made in the USA and with a lovely fit & finish. All complete with box, etc.

Mint, unused cond. £155 inc. UK p&p

SOLD G.E.C. - Northfield UN-X-LD. "Wharnecliff Trapper".

This stunning folder is out of my own collection and dates from 2012.

I was particularly impressed with the 'fit & finish' on these Northfield folders - in fact, better than some Custom folders I have seen. It has the most gorgeous Sambar stag, certainly worthy of being on a Custom knife, complete with the 'UN-X-LD' escutcheon plate which is no longer featured on these knives ( due to the added cost ? ). As with most Great Eastern Cutlery knives, the blades are 1095 carbon steel, which will take and keep a great edge. The Wharnecliff Trapper is a great combination that, I believe, originated from Tony Bose and substitutes the Spey blade for a Wharnecliff. Both blades have 'half stops', are nicely centered and are 3" in length, making for a troublefree everyday carry.


please emails for details. 


When I saw this knife on the table of Artisan Coutelier, Eric Depeyre from Lyon, I knew I had to buy it. The quality, style and gorgeous Snakewood scales just jumped out at me. Although Eric speak little English and, to my shame, I speak no French we both understood each other. Eric has fitted a "notch lock" to this folder which, technically, classes it as 'non-locking' but the tension of the back spring on the notch (sitting in the blade) makes it harder to close accidentally. The blade is stainless although I do not know what steel. Blade: 90mm. Closed 110mm. With black leather slip pouch. 

BRAND NEW from Maker. £280 inc. UK p&p

SOLD PUMA. GERMANY "972-GAME WARDEN." 1979 manufacture.

Details shown in HUNTING. New price £220 inc. UK p&p


One of the 'Superstars' of Tactical Knives, Greg is renowned for his innovative designs. Although the Tigershark is one of his past designs, this liner-lock folder just oozes sheer quality - and it is easy to see how Greg became a World Class Knifemaker. The BG42 steel blade has an 'asymentrical' grind and locks up like the proverbial Bank Vault !

S/steel & carbon fibre handle, with titanium liners & pocket clip.

Commission sale and a bargain at £360 inc. UK p&p


A chance to buy an example of a 'Lanny's Clip' ( which is fast becoming a 'classic' Tony Bose design ) by one of the very best 'up & coming' folder makers in the USA, Pepe Jalomo. Mentored by World Class Maker, Enrique Pena, the quality of this knife shines through !

Superb fit & finish, with a nice solid "walk & talk" and complete with a 'half stop' safety feature which I always like on a non-locking folder. Blade: 3" Oal: 6 7/8". Stainless bolsters and shield, with black 'paper' micarta scales. Comes with brown leather slip case by maker.

Whoever buys this knife will not be disappointed ! Commission sale.

Mint condition. 

ALL SOLD. W.R.CASE & SONS. USA. "TONY BOSE Collaborations".

In 1999, Case approached Tony Bose to work together on designing knives. The result was Case making knives of the very highest standard under Tony's supervision and producing a Case/Bose Year Knife in limited numbers ( a different pattern is produced for each following year ). These knives are virtually 'Custom' quality as Tony is heavily involved in the process and they sell out pretty much immediately !

Mint, unused condition. 



A chance to acquire a knife from one of the 'founding members' of the Tactical Folder genre. Superb workmanship and as mint as the day it left Greg's workshop. All the 'boxes ticked' with double thumb stud, bead blasted bolsters and liners, G10 handle and titanium pocket clip. Stainless steel (possibly BG42) 3.25" blade and closed length of 4.25". Feels very light in the hand with a rock solid lock-up.

Mint cond. with zip case. £475 inc. UK p&p

AL MAR KNIVES. USA. Please email for details and prices.



A really nice example of a classic "Bird Knife" made in the mid 1990's by Shrade in their Ellenville, New York factory which sadly closed in 2004. Really excellent fit & finish ( the equal of the Case/Bose year knives ! ) with, so I'm led to believe, genuine Bone on the handle. The blade is their Trademark "Everlasting Sharp", which is carbon steel ( there is a hint of a patina developing). Blade length: 3 1/8" (cutting edge: 2 3/4"). Closed length: 3 7/8". Presentation tin comes complete with a very nice "hat pin". Everything is in pretty much Mint condition.

Whoever buys this will not be disappointed ! 


SOLD JASON TABER "ZULU". Another great pattern from Knifemaking Legend Tony Bose, this knife has been wonderfully made by Jason Taber, who is the son of slipjoint maker David Taber (Dr.T). At the moment, Jason is relatively unknown in this country but, judging by the fit & finish on this knife, he has a great future ahead of him. As well as advice/help from his Father, I have been told he also "hangs out" with Enrique Pena, who is a world class Maker - which can do him no harm at all !

The steel is CM154 and a blade length of 3 1/10" (cutting edge 2 3/4").

Closed length is 4". The handle is given a modern twist with C-TEK (an aluminum honeycomb/resin infused material) on a thin orange G10 liner, with a perfectly inlaid 'keyhole' shield. It looks stunning !

This knife has a lovely "walk & talk" with a solid feel and would make a perfect pocket companion.     Mint condition.


W.R.CASE & SONS "DOCTORS KNIFE - DAMASCUS" spec to follow.£95 inc. p&p


SOLD SCHATT & MORGAN CUTLERY CO. "SWING GUARD".                        A truly impressive knife, the Swing Guard'' design leaves no margin of error when it comes to 'fit & finish' - and this one locks up as solid as a Bank Vault ! Lovely, deep red 'worm groove' bone and, as a bonus, a ATS34 steel blade (please note, this is a locking blade).  These older Schatt & Morgan knives (I believe this actual model was made in 2001) are a class act and very well made. Blade:3.5" Open length:8".

Unused, "as new" cond. £110 inc. UK p&p


SCHRADE "LTD. ED. SCRIMSHAW". spec. to follow. £60 EACH inc. p&p. Set of three = £150 inc. p&p


SOLD1515 - THEIRS.  Made the the French Artisian, Manu Laplace, this gorgeous LINER LOCK folder is a joy to handle. Manu's work is very highly prized in France and not often seen over here in the UK.

Having met Manu (at the French Game Fair) I can tell you, his work sells very quick! This particular model has a polished bone handle, with a s/steel 'butt cap'. The s/steel spacer (on the spine) has some very nice engraving in a leaf pattern, and a mosaic pin in the bone also adds a touch of class. I believe that Manu uses 12c27 steel for his blades, which is 3 1/4" long. Closed length is 4 3/4".  


 ANDRE THORBURN "MODEL L3" please email for details.  £325 inc. UK p&p



SOLD W.R. CASE "T. BOSE - ARKANSAS HUNTER"  This was Case's 2008 offering in their yearly issue of knives made in collaboration with Knife Legend, Tony Bose. These knives are based on Tony's own patterns and made under close supervision of Tony. I understand only the VERY best Case workers ( I have been told only 3 or 4 !!! ) are allowed to work on these knives and as such, are the finest knives to come out of Case - as close to Custom standard as you can get with a Factory knife. Even the steel used is as same as Tony uses (154CM). This version has the Ebony wood handle. 3 1/2" blade and 8 1/4" open - this is a large folder. Mint, unused condition with original zip case but no box. 


SOLD BENCHMADE "PARK AVENUE" A long discontinued Liner-lock  model by Benchmade ( and quite a rare beast even when it was available ! ). Designed by the Legendary Bob Terzuola as a "Gentleman's Pocket Knife" complete with hook to hook onto and dangle inside the pocket. Bead blasted titanium frame and "black mirror coated" 154CM blade. Closed length 3 1/2". Blade 2 1/2". Complete withbox/paperwork. Mint condition


SOLD BRET DOWELL "SWAYBACK"  A superbly crafted folder by one of the rising Stars of the Slipjoint world. Being a member of the Tony Bose "Posse" should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of this work ! 2 3/4" blade of s/s ( probably CPM154 ? ) with s/s bolster and shield. The handle looks to be ivory (mammoth ?). Mint, unused cond. 


SOLD  AL MAR "SERE" Attack 1. This now discontinued version is the smallest of the three models Al Mar produced in the 1980's (3" blade - 3 3/4" closed).  Al Mar, who was Gerber's Head Designer before starting his own company in 1979, produced superb knives and this model was initiated with Col. Nick Rowe, of the Spec.Ops Command School. This knife is a little piece of knife history. Mint, unused cond. 


SOLD  Jim Dunlap - LANNY'S CLIP. Another superb example of Jim's craftmanship !  I recently asked Jim to make a Lanny's Clip model for a good friend of mine. He was so taken with the design ( he had to ask Tony Bose for the pattern as it is Tony's design ) that he wanted to make more. This particular version has the much desired ( and sadly discontinued ) Westinhouse Ivory micarta. The 3" blade is made of premium CPM154 s/steel and non-locking, making it perfect for daily carry. Closed 4". As I predicted, Jim's prices are starting to rise as his work becomes more and more in demand but his knives are still extremely good value for money. 


Jim Dunlap.  Semi-Skinner model. At the request of one of my customers for a non-locking Semi-Skinner folder, I approached Jim with the idea and he came up with the goods! ( I was so taken with the concept that I ordered four ). Jim has made these in a very practical size - not too small or too big. Closed length 4 1/8" with a 3 1/4" blade ( 3" cutting edge ). I can see these being very useful for either  Camping or Hunting as the thin blade of premium CPM154 stainless steel cuts like a demon !!  Jim has incorporated "half-stops" in the opening/closing action as a safety feature. I am very pleased how these have turned out. Great using knife!  New from maker.

Westinghouse Ivory Micarta - SOLD

Black G 10 - SOLD

Orange G 10 - SOLD


SOLD  CASE/TONY BOSE.    Every year Case release, in co-operation with Tony Bose ( without question, the World's No1 multi-blade knifemaker ), a limited run of knives of an original Tony Bose knife pattern.  These knives are made by the very best of Case's workforce under Tony's supervision and are far superior to Case's standard range of knives -  and even rival Custom Made knives in some instances ! This particular model is the Tribal Spear ( Tony's version is called the Zulu ) and is in near mint condition, showing only some handing marks on the bolsters and slight signs of sharpening. Premium 154cm stainless steel ( the same steel as Tony uses on his own knives ) and Chestnut jigged bone handle, with Tony's trademark "keyhole shield", make for a stunning combination. Oal 7" with a 3" blade makes this a "legal carry" knife.  As Tony's knives are almost impossible to get hold of, this is the next best thing. Pre-owned. 


SOLD  Gerber Legendary Blades.  A real find ! This is one of the original Paul folders from the late 1970's - not to be confused with the second re-issue in the 1990's or the current version by Lone Wolf Knives. This knife, designed by Paul Poehlmann, an Aero-Space engineer, was groundbreaking at the time and was a big seller until production was discontinued due to excessive costs in producing the button lock, which locks up solid like a bank vault !

Absolutely mint condition and complete with the very hard to find sheath.


SOLD Case - Tony Bose Collaboration. This is the Lockback Whittler from a few years ago (2005). This is generally accepted as the most technically challenging (and best) knife Case have ever made! (Even Tony Bose himself says this is probably the hardest knife to make). Much sought after, this version is in stag with ats34 steel blades and comes complete with zip pouch and box.    Also shown in the High-End Folder Category with more info. 


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