WORKSHARP Knife&Tool Sharpener.

Well, I have to confess until I saw this being demonstrated at the Atlanta Blade Show, I would argue with anyone that "Crock Sticks" were the best alround knife sharpeners for the average knife user. However, that opinion has now been changed ! This American made (not China!!) machine is quite simply the BEST sharpener on the market. So simple ( and QUICK ) to use and capable of giving you the sharpest knife possible ( even sharper than most knives come from the factory ).

          In its simplest form, this machine is a small, hand held electric belt sander - a smaller version of what Custom knifemakers use to put on an edge to their knives. Comes complete with two "angle-guides" plus six belts ( 2x coarse, 2x medium + 2x fine ) and replacement belts are also available, although the original belts will last longer than you might expect - depending on use, of course.

           These sharpeners are not cheap by any means but will more than satisfy by sharpening virtually every and any knife you own. (I would suggest practising on a cheap kitchen knife to get a feel for what the machine is capable of, before trying it out on your favourite Custom or kitchen knife !).

INTRODUCTORY OFFER. £99. including postage.


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OUT OF STOCK TOP CHEF Ceramic Sharpener.

Having tried pretty much every sharpener on the market, I have come to the conclusion that the most easy to use is the "Crock Sticks" method. This  method consists of "stroking/scraping" the knife vertically down the angled rods until a sharp edge is returned. This particular version has the advantage of having several pre-set angles to cover most grinds.

New. £29.

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Lovely Alan Wood knife added in HUNTING


A very nice selection of Alan Wood knives added in HIGH END & BUSHCRAFT.

Enjoy. (while we still can !) 



Wishing a happy Bank Holiday to one and all.

I have posted some exceptional knives in HIGH END/BUSHCRAFT and HUNTING. Details to follows asap ( please feel free to email in the meantime ).

Enjoy !



Since last weekend's Show, I have been busy playing "catch-up" on my emails and enquiries but finally got around to putting on some great knives in - UTILITY,





After a week of having the builders in, it's nice to 'reclaim' the house back and get on with some business !

Knives added in HIGH END KNIVES, a lovely double set by Alan Wood in HUNTING and a real bargain in BUSHCRAFT. Also have added a great book on Randall Made Knives in UTILITY for anyone wishing to know more about these fine knives.



Knives added in BUSHCRAFT & UTILITY. Details to be added asap. Please email for details if needed.



Two stunning stag handled Hunters added in HUNTING & HIGH CLASS KNIVES.



A superb 'Trapper' folder by World Class maker, E. Pena added in HIGH CLASS FOLDERS. Enjoy.



A lovely "3-finger" knife added in UTILITY



A very nice Artic Fox by Alan Wood added in  BUSHCRAFT



Some hard to find and sought after knives added in UTILITY & BUSHCRAFT.




Two great knives by the late Steve Wade Cox available in BUSHCRAFT.



A fine folder from Strasbourg for sale in FOLDERS. 



Still playing 'catch-up' with my emails but have posted a stunning forged knife from the European Show in HIGH END KNIVES.



It's been very quiet on here recently as I have been to the European Knife Show, held in Strasbourg, France.

Met some great people and made several good contacts - as well as spending too much money ! All well spent however, as I will be presenting for sale some very fine knives from European Makers over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I am busy catching up on emails and enquiries ( thanks for your patience ).



Two lovely, mint knives added in UTILITY & HUNTING. (details to follow asap). ENJOY.



Vintage Puma knives added in FOLDERS & UTILITY.




Details to follow asap.





Starting the New Year with a couple of Alan Woods in BUSHCRAFT & UTILITY  and a super rare PUMA in HUNTING. Enjoy.



I trust an enjoyable Xmas was had by all. It has been quiet on here as I spent the holiday visiting friends in Slovenia ( cold weather but warm friendship ! ).

May I thank all my customers for your continued support and interest and (Government permiting !! ) I look forward to offering more fine knives for your enjoyment in 2018.

A very Happy New Year to one and all.



Knives added in HUNTING & UTILITY.












          In Memoriam

Stephen Wade Cox - terrific knifemaker and a really nice guy. I shall miss him greatly.