ALAN WOOD "Designed-on-Grinder" . see HIGH END Knives for details. £475 inc. W'wide p&p.

CHRONOS, POLAND. "HUNTERS SET". please email for details.

£645 inc. UK p&p.



This is Alan's 'Artic Fox' model that's usually seen with a 'Scandi-grind' and as such is very popular with Bushcrafters. However, this one has been given a high 'hollow-grind' by Alan which would find favour with anyone looking for a knife more suited to Hunting (or Utility ) tasks. A  3 1/4" stainless blade, with extremely nice figurered Maple and complimented by a black liner and s/s bolts makes for a knife anyone would be pleased to own. Oal 7 1/2".

Mint, unused condition. £325 inc. UK p&p




SOLD SHOSUI TAKEDA "HIDDEN TANG HUNTER".  A very eye-catching knife from Shosui Takeda, who is a 3rd. Generation Master Blacksmith specialising in 'Aogami Super Steel' (AS) which is stamped on the blade. All of Shosui's blades are personally hand forged in his smithy, before being passed to another Master, K. TADASHI, to be completed. Handled in superb Amber stag, and with a n/s guard and pins, completes a truly impressive knife that is forged to an approximate thinness of 1/16" (!!) Oal: 9" Blade: 4 1/2".



SOLD ALAN WOOD "MINI HUNTER". Another example of what some might say is Alan's "Signature" model. Long established in his catalogues from the very beginning, this is his current offering in 12c27 steel and 'antique ivory' linen micarta, set off with blue liners. Blade: 2.6" Oal: 6.4". Complete with leather swivel sheath.

Brand new from Alan.

SOLD PAT MITCHELL KNIVES, SHEFFIELD.   Another knife by the late Stuart Mitchell (Snr.) who along with his wife Pat (whom they named their business after) was a regular at many Game and Country Fairs in the 1990's where they sold their knives. They specialised in "100% Hand Made Reasonably Priced Working Knives" but using excellent materials. The most common feedback I get about Pat Mitchell knives is how well they take and keep an edge !

I have researched in my Pat Mitchell catalogues and cannot find this particular model, so it may be a "one-off" ? With a blade length of 6 3/4" this would be a very useful knife dealing with larger game but just as useful as an alround knife. With brass fittings and a Rosewood (?) finger groove handle, this feels very comfortable - and secure !

Pre-owned but in excellent, near new condition ( the sheath shows a few "scuffs" as to expected for a knife of this age ) I feel this knife would prove to be very useful, indeed.

(please excuse the reflections shown on the lower photo - the blade is unmarked )  Oal: 11 1/4". Excellent condition.


RANDALL MADE KNIVES "Model 4-4" please email for spec.


A model not seen so often, I've always thought of the 'Picos' as the 'Big Brother' to Alan's very popular 'Mini-Hunter'. Lovely to hold, this version is in RWL34 premium steel and handled in Stag, with red liners. The bark of the stag has been ground off, leaving a very comfortable and attractive grip. stainless steel bolts. Complete with a very well made rich red/brown colour leather pouch sheath. Blade: 2 3/4". Oal: 6 3/4".  Mint, unused cond. 




Now here's a rare beast not seen on this side of the pond so often (this is the first of David's knives I have seen - although I once got close to visiting his workshop while travelling around America but never quite made it, unfortunately). David has been on the knife scene for a long while now (over 35 years!) and I suspect a lot of makers started off by reading his excellent book on Knifemaking. He is famous for his DENDRITIC 440C steel, which gave a superior cutting edge over other steels. For anyone curious about this steel, here is one of his BASIC models available to try. Oal: 7 7/8". Complete with original nylon sheath with metal insert.

Mint unused cond. 



RANDALL MADE KNIVES  "Model #4-6". Many would say that Randall Made are the "most famous knives in the world" ( and I would be one of them!). No other knives have the pedigree and heritage that Randalls possess and there was a time when a Randall Made was the best knife money could buy - and the fact there is a current 4 1/2 YEAR waiting list suggests that a lot of people still feel that way !

This is the Model 4 "Big Game & Skinner", in 01 carbon steel, and handled in gorgeous 'finger grooved' stag, which is an extra cost option from Randall. Brass guard and butt cap. This knife feels very comfortable in the hand.

A really spectacular Randall and if I was tempted to start collecting Randalls again, this would be a great place to start !

Mint, unused condition. £490 inc. UK p&p. (patch not included).


SOLD W.J. JEFFREY. LONDON "BALDOCK KNIFE". please email for spec. £385


SOLD D.H.RUSSELL "GROHMANN BELT KNIFE".  A true Classic of the knife world ! This award winning design is still produced in Canada (not China !) and is as useful today as it was when first introduced in 1957 by Dean H. Russell and Rudolph Grohmann, who together designed a knife for the great Canadian Outdoors. This particular stainless steel version is handled in genuine Stag, which I believe is no longer offered as an option. Blade is 4" and oal is 8.5". Mint, unused cond.





A model from Alan that is not often seen. This is what Alan has to say about it in his No.7 catalogue - "For those who like a long slim blade.

Included on the advice from experienced Stalkers and based on a German design not now available. Somewhat old fashioned concept for a belt knife but this may be another bonus for this shape"

The steel is stainless, green Micarta handle with red liners and s/steel fittings. Blade:5" Oal:9 3/4". Mint cond. £345 inc. UK p&p.


SOLD ALAN WOOD "STALKER".  Everything once in a while, Alan will upgrade a standard "working" model with gorgeous stainless Damascus and this Stalker is such an example. The Hakkapella pattern particularly suits the long blade and coupled to a black micarta handle (with blue liners) really makes for a classy knife! A very well made black leather swivel sheath completes a package that would please the most fastideous owner. Blade: 4 3/4"  Oal : 9 1/2"

Pristine mint cond. 


SOLD  ALAN WOOD "NORRIS SET"  Named (I believe) after the Gunsmith Mike Norris, this may well be the complete package for the Stalker. Consisting of a 3" blade "Ripper" in premium RWL34 steel and a 4 1/4" blade "Highlander" in 12c27 both kitted out in Antique ivory Micarta, with s/s bolts ( no liners on tang). These Norris sets are not common and this one is brand new direct from Alan. 


SOLD WILLIAM ROGER "I CUT MY WAY" HUNTER. While I am very familiar with the W. Rogers "I Cut My Way" knives, I have never seen this particular model before and certainly not one in this condition! I would guess this knife dates back to the 1960's or '70's and, although it shows surface scratches on one side of the blade, it appears to be completely unused with the paper logo still intact on the stag handle. Not sure whether this is a Collectors piece or a "user" but with a hand forged carbon steel 5" blade and an oal of 9 1/2", it is very capable of doing work ( the William Rogers knives tended to be at the "lower end" of the market but I have found those with hand forged blades to hold a very good edge indeed ). 




SOLD  HOWARD HITCHMOUGH "SEMI-SKINNER". As I have mentioned before, Howard was the premier UK maker before emigrating to the US of A, a good few years ago. Even now, there are only a very few UK makers capable of matching his high standard of workmanship. This knife is one of his earlier knives, as denoted by the logo, but the fit & finish is superb. The 4" blade is in a semi-skinner style, made of D2 tool steel (I have customers who use Howard's D2 knives and they say the edgeholding is amazing!).  The handle looks to be Bocote(?) wood, with black liners and fastened by stainless Corby bolts with a wonderful tapered tang. Nickel silver guard. Oal is 8 1/2". Howards knives are getting harder to find and this one will make either a great user or an addition to a collection of UK makers. 

Mint condition. 


ALAN WOOD "NEW STALKER" model.  Mint condition as this knife came out of a collection. 4" Semi-skinner shape blade of 12c27, coupled with some very nice Sambar stag matched with fine red liners on a nicely tapered tang. Oal is 8 3/4".Commission sale - £460


MARBLES "LOVELESS HUNTER".  An 1930's American Classic ! This style of knife was so popular that it was copied by Sheffield in the thousands in the day. This particular version was a little more 'upmarket' as it had pinned stag rather than the more typical stacked leather washers. Marbles has a very interesting history and this knife dated from 2001, when Mike Stewart was in charge. His passion was for quality and during his time in charge, Marbles gained a reputation for superb knives made of 52100 carbon steel. Times have now changed at Marbles and knives from his era are very desirable. This is a Custom version of the 'Sport' model, which was 'approved' by Bob Loveless. Blade 3 3/4". Oal 7 1/2". You will not find a nicer (or prettier) example. Boxed, mint cond. £175 inc UK p&p


CK HUNTER Customknife exclusive ) This is my exclusive design that I have made for me by Andy Martland. I thought it would be nice to also include it in the Hunting section, as those who have bought it and used it in the field have been very happy with its performance. I also feel that this would be a very useful knife to keep in a backpack. (See CK Exclusive on sidebar for details of spec.). 

New. £175 inc. UK p&p


SOLD  RUSSELL EASLER "DROPPED HUNTER". Now, sadly deceased, Russell was a prominent and well respected Knifemaker in America. This lovely example of his work, made in 2004, is testament to the legacy he left behind. Very well made with a handle of Bighorn Sheep, giving a wonderful grip, and a 3 1/2" s/s blade. Oal is 8". I would describe this knife as very near mint - there is a minute amount of shrinkage of the horn and the bolsters show wear from being inserted in the sheath - which is signed but shows signs of its 10 year age (as to be expected)




SOLD  ALAN WOOD "WARENSKI HUNTER"  A commission sale and one I know a lot about  as some years ago I asked Alan to make this very knife for me, after having seen a picture of the original knife made by Knifemaking Legend ( now deceased) Buster Warenski, in an American Knife book. 


Alan made an excellent job of this "one-off" which I then had engraved by John Salt, one of the countries top engravers who just by chance, lives nearby. I later sold the knife and it has passed through one or two owners and I am now being asked to sell it on a commission basis. Apparently, the present owner asked Alan last year the cost to make a similar knife today and was told, with a similar quality of engraving, around £1200 !


The blade is 3 1/2" of  12c27 stainless steel, with 416 s/s bolsters and very well matched Sambar stag giving an overall length of 8". It comes in a "faux" crocodile leather sheath.


The knife is still in mint, unused condition.





ALAN WOOD. SAFARI model.   Another example of one of Alan's most popular models but this time with a twist - it's in 01 carbon steel !  A rarity for a Hunting knife from Alan and as this knife is pre-owned, I suspect it was a special request from the previous owner.  As you all know, carbon steel needs a lot more TLC than stainless but nevertheless, some still prefer it for its cutting ability - and 01 is a very underrated steel.  This particular knife has a green micarta handle with red liners and stainless fittings (Bob Loveless's favourite combination). Oal 7 3/4" with a blade length of 31/2". Mint, unused condition     


SOLD ALAN WOOD "TROPHY". A lovely little knife and quite a rare model from Alan. As all the details are shown in Alan's catalogue (shown above), all I need to add is that the knife has some very nice Sambar stag handle material, textured s/s bolsters and is in mint, unused condition ( as is the pouch sheath). 


SOLD ALAN WOOD "CLASSIC". As the name suggests, this is Alan's take on the classic Dropped Hunter, as designed and made famous by the Legendary Bob Loveless. This version by Alan is a little smaller and slimmer than Bob's own version but none the worse because of it. Impeccable fit and finish with a beautiful hand rubbed finish on the 3 1/2" s/s blade (oal 7 1/2"). Guard and bolts are also s/s. The wooden handle may be Bocote or Walnut ? With original sheath.

Mint, unused cond.


SOLD ALAN WOOD "TROUT & BIRD"  Although designated a Trout & Bird, this lovely knife is more than suited to all aspects of hunting ! With a 3 1/2" semi-skinner style blade of 12c27 s/s and an"antique ivory" micarta handle, this knife is a no nonsense knife that will get the job done - but with some style ! Oal 7 3/4".                                            New, direct from Alan.


SOLD ALAN WOOD "WARRENER". This model by Alan is made with the "Rabbiter" in mind, designed for crunching through joints, etc. and skinning - although I think you could skin just about anything with this beauty. However, I could also see this knife getting a lot of use in the kitchen as a sort of "mini Chef-knife". Very comfortable in the hand !  A flat grind 3 1/2""blade of Random pattern Damasteel and a Camel bone handle (with blue liners), gives an oal of 7 1/2". Brand new from Alan. 

SOLD RALPH L SMITH "MODEL 4G".  A really lovely knife that I would almost call a "3 finger" Skinner?  For those of you who don't want/need a large knife this may well be an ideal Stalkers knife. Top rate workmanship, coupled with gorgeous, richly coloured Sambar Stag makes for knife that's a pleasure to own. 2 3/4" s/s blade, s/sguard and oal of 6 1/4". Mint, unused condition.


SOLD  RANDALL MADE KNIVES model 27 TRAILBLAZER.  A lovely example of this particular model, done in a customised handle version - leather/polished stag/leather. This is what the Randall wesite has to say: "An ideal all-around heavy-duty sportsman's knife".  Blade length 5 3/4" of 1/4" 01 carbon steel. Mint, unused condition 



SOLD PAT MITCHELL "HAND MADE" SHEFFIELD.  A lovely little "Gut-Hook" hunter for those of you used to this style of knife. Made by the now sadly deceased family firm of Stuart and Pat Mitchell, who specialised in hunting knives that were made to be used. Pat Mitchell knives are now becoming harder to find and are developing a nice following of users and collectors.  A 2 1/2" blade of SF-77 Sheffield Carbon steel with a rosewood handle, giving an aol of 6 1/4". Despite it's seemingly small size, this knife would be capable of "punching well above it's weight" ! Appears to be unused but shows a few scratches from being inserted in the kydex neck sheath.  


SOLD LLOYD PENDLETON. California.  Lloyd is a Knifemaking Legend over on the other side of the pond, having made his first knife in 1973 and becoming a Full Time maker in 1978 - and is still active today !  This is his Classic Semi-Skinner which is probably recognisable to those familiar with Cold Steel knives, as they do several copies of this model. This is a wonderful knife, the genuine article - comfortable in the hand and amazing fit and finish. 3 1/2" blade of mirror finished stainless steel ( possibly ATS34 ?), s/s guard and green micarta handle, with red liners giving an oal of 8 1/2". Priced at just a little over what you would pay for a Cold Steel copy ! 

SOLD  Alan Wood. "CHAMOIS" model. This is a brand new design from Alan for 2013. I would call it a cross between his Mini Hunter  and Picos models. This particular version has dense-twist pattern damasteel, s/s guard,etc and Sambar Stag handle material. The oal is 7 1/2" with a 3 1/2" blade. This knife has a "Ambi-Cross-Draw" sheath making it suitable for right handers or southpaws ! A really lovely knife to either use as a Stalking knife or to simply collect and admire.

 Brand new from Alan. 


SOLD  Chris Reeves Knives. "INYONI"  This discontinued model by CRK is Chris's version of a Bird & Trout knife - in fact, Inyoni in Zulu dialect means "Bird". To quote from CRK:

"Although a petite knife, the Inyoni is comfortable to use by people with any size hands. The Cocobolo handle gives good purchase to 3rd and 4th fingers while the 'gills' provide a non-slip for the first finger and thumb. A ridge down the spine gives lateral support should your cut require it". Blade steel is S30V stainless with a length of 3 1/2". Oal is 8". Mint, unused condition complete with box. 


SOLD  Phil Wilson - Seamount Knife Works. MEADOWS Semi-skinner. A chance to buy a knife that is rarely seen on this "side of the pond" by Phil Wilson, whose work is very highly regarded in America - so much so that he has recently worked with the World Famous knife brand, Spyderco who are selling a version of Phil's work. Phil himself is no longer accepting orders due to being backlogged by over a year ! This very practical Hunter has a 4 1/2" blade of premium CPMS30V with a green canvas micarta handle, for a oal of 9". Brand new, mint condition. 


SOLD   Alan Wood. MINI HUNTER model. One of Alan best selling models that has been a main stay of his catalog since the beginning. I doubt if many have been as nice as this version. Lovely Odin's Eye damascus blade and Sambar stag handle with s/s fittings. Dark brown pouch sheath with Alan's logo stamped onto it. Just waiting for someone to take this beauty out into the field ! 2 3/4" blade. oal 6 3/4". Brand new, a CLA knife. 


SOLD  Bob DOZIER.  ARKANSAS TRAVELLER.  Living Legend Bob Dozier has built his reputation on making "no nonsense, no frills" hard working knives for people who actually use them. His favourite steel is D2 tool steel in which he has perfected the art of heat-treating, to obtain the maximum performance ( this stuff justs keeps on cutting !! ). Every once in a while, Bob will upgrade a model with a premium handle material and this is such an example. The extremely rare, genuine AMBER stag ( not the dyed version that is more commonly seen ) makes this knife a thing of beauty to treasure or to use. Aol 6 7/8" and a blade of 2 7/8". D2 steel at 60-61rc. Complete with a kydex sheath.  This is out of my own collection. Mint.


SOLD  Alan Wood. "Stretched" Expedition model.  WOW! What a stunning knife ! Extra long 12c27 stainless blade ( 8 1/4" compared to the usual 6" length ) and designed, according to Alan, with the Boar hunter in mind. The blade is Flat ground with a perfect hand rubbed finish. Handle is of Giraffe bone which, like a lot of natural material, differs in colour on either side. Housed in an impressive dangler-type sheath. Oal.13 1/2". Perhaps my favourite of Alan's CLA knives. Brand new. 

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