Details added asap.

Mint, unused condition. £125 inc. UK p&p


The Picos model is the 'big brother' to Alan's famous Mini Hunter, which is now sold by Casstrom as the 'Safari'. For those of you who like this pared-back design but felt the Mini Hunter/Safari was just a tad too small, then this might be the answer. Made from 01 carbon steel (and there are still plenty who prefer a good carbon steel over any stainless) which Alan has cold blued to prevent corrosion and hinder tarnish. The handle, which is quite bulbous, is made from stabilised dark Masur Birch, with bronze pins. Complete with a stunning leather basketweave stamped 'Pancake' sheath. Blade(cutting edge): 2-3/4 inches. Total length: 6-7/8 inches.  Brand new from maker.

NEW YEAR SALE - £295 inc. UK p&p


A knife design that seems to be very popular with stalkers. This one is made by Jeff Wiggins in West Yorkshire in carbon steel. The wood handle is very attractive although it shows a little shrinkage in one or two small places but not to the extent of being uncomfortable to hold. Blade: 4-1/2 inches. Oal: 9 inches. Complete with original leather sheath.

As new, unused condition. £225 inc. UK p&p

NEW YEAR SALE - £195 inc. UK p&p


Details added asap.

New from Maker. 


VG10 damascus steel with Red Stag. More details added asap.

Mint, unused condition. £415 inc. UK p&p.


Released from my own collection, this particular knife was obviously part of the equipment taken on an African Safari by USA Gunmakers, Thompson Centre in 1976. Discontinued in the late 1980's, these Armourhide knives (which refers to the handle covering - a Gerber speciality) won rave reviews in use due to their use of 'High Speed Tool Steel' blades at Rc. 60-62, with an industrial hard-chrome plating. Made when Pete Gerber was still running the firm and designed by the legendary Al Mar when he was head designer for Gerber, before setting up making knives in his own name. Blade: 4-1/2" (2.25mm thick). Oal: 9-1/2". Complete with original brown leather sheath.

Mint, unused condition. £325 inc. UK p&p.


please email for details

Mint, unused condition.


please email for details.

Mint, unused condition. NEW PRICE - £250 inc. UK p&p.( huge saving on RRP ! )


A really super knife from Puma, made in 2019. This model was the winning design in a competition run jointly by Puma and German magazine "MESSER MAGAZIN" in 2018. The design had to meet a strict criteria and the magazine readers voted for the winning design from the final selection. To my mind they made a great choice as this is possibly my favourite Puma knife of all - and I hope someone buys this before my resolve weakens and I add it to my own collection ! Made from 3mm 14C28N steel (an upgrade on 12c27 steel) with stag horn scales and a n/silver bolster, this knife will be a superb knife to use in the field or a wonderful addition to a collection as this limited edition has long sold out.  Blade: 98mm. Oal: 208mm. Complete with a brown leather sheath and original box and certificate.

Mint, as new cond. £295 inc. UK p&p.


A classic hunting knife from the now deceased family firm, Pat Mitchell Knives, with a brass guard and brass caps book-ending some very nice Antler. This gives a substantial - but very comfortable - grip. With a "fuller drop point blade for general field use" and made from Sheffield high carbon stainless steel, this knife will give excellent service in the field or

become a lovely example of British Knifemaking in a collection.

Blade: 3-1/4". Oal: 7-3/4". Complete with a well made brown leather sheath.   Mint, unused cond. £290 inc. UK p&p


A "no-frills" knife from Guy but still made to his extremely high standard. The steel is premium RWL34 and the handle is Green Canvas Micarta, which shows a little 'mis-matched' colour from where it has been inserted in the sheath. Purely cosmetic, but it needed to be pointed out to any potential buyer. Complete with a superb brown leather belt sheath, also made by Guy. Blade: 4-1/4". Oal: 9". Also included is Guy's Warranty, stating this knife was made in Dec. 2016

Excellent, unused condition.


A 'custom' version of Guy's Hunter that has a guard so well fitted it almost appears to be an 'integral' ! With a handle of Desert Ironwood, and red liners, this is custom knifemaking at its finest. The steel - as befitting a piece such as this - is premium RWL34 stainless. Complete with a brown leather belt sheath that has a nice 'snap' on insertion. Blade:4-3/8". Oal: 9". With Guy's Warranty stating the knife was made in March 2017.   Excellent, unused condition. 


A very nice example of Alan's take on Bob's (Loveless) iconic knife. Recently Alan has not made many knives with a bolster but as can be seen by the perfect fit & finish on this knife, it's a skill that he has certainly mastered, using 416 s/steel - perfect for engraving. The handle is a gorgeous piece of Redwood Burl, set off by mosaic pins. The sheath is also quite a rarity, being of the 'Calvary Flap' style. Although this knife shows signs of light use, it has years of life left in it !  Blade: 3-1/2". Oal: 7-1/2".  Pre-owned. VG cond. 

SOLD PAT MITCHELL KNIVES. "Sportsman Collection - Model 574".

Described in their catalogue as  - "A rugged compact knife for hunting and field use, it will prove itself invaluable for all sportsmen".

Since the demise of Pat Mitchell Knives due to the passing of both Stuart Snr. (who actually made the knives) and his wife, Pat (who ran the business and whom it was named after) these knives have become sought after by Collectors and also those looking for a very good quality Handmade Sheffield knife - as opposed to one made in the Far East !

These knives keep a superb edge due to the SF77 high carbon stainless steel used by Stuart Snr. This particular knife is handled in a very attractive wood laminate, which was one of the handle options offered, and a brass guard and pins. The original sheath is missing but the knife comes with a high quality sheath similar to the original style. This is, without doubt, the best quality Pat Mitchell knife I have seen since their passing and whoever buys this will not be disappointed !  

Blade: 4-1/4". Oal: 9".   As New condition. 


A rare opportunity to acquire these sought after double sets by Alan. Consisting of a Stalker model coupled with a Ripper for the gralloch and 'unzipping' the legs. The Stalker is in 12c27 stainless steel and the Ripper is 14c28n stainless steel. Both knives are handled in "Antique Ivory Micarta" with red liners. ( Alan informs me that he can no longer obtain this particular micarta ) The double sheath is made from a particularly heavy cowhide leather - another material that Alan says he no longer can source. Stalker - blade: 4-1/4" Oal:9". Ripper - blade: 2-5/8" Oal: 6-3/8".

Mint, unused condition.


A really lovely knife from Tom, who delights in using top quality materials coupled with practical designs. The semi-skinner blade is made from premium RWL34 stainless steel, with a gorgeous Desert Ironwood handle ( no liners) and s/steel fittings. A really nice tapered tang means the knife is very well balanced and with the finger cut-out, makes for a good comfortable grip. Complete with a high quality and well made brown leather sheath. Blade:4-1/2". Oal:9". An extremely attractive knife to enhance a collection  - or more than capable to use in the field.   

Mint, unused condition. NEW PRICE: £399 inc. UK p&p.

SCHRADE. USA. "PH2 - L.L. BEAN Commemorative."

A super 'vintage' knife by Schrade, when they were still made in the USA ( not China). A classic Bob Loveless design coupled with an Iconic Outfitters, what's not to like ! Would make a super knife for the smaller species. Blade: 2-3/4 inches. Oal: 7 inches.

Mint, unused condition. New price: £105 inc. UK p&p.


Please email for details. 

Stunning quality. Mint, unused cond. £375 inc. UK p&p

NEW YEAR SALE - £320 inc. UK p&p

SOLD PUMA. GERMANY. "Model 956 - 1991 vintage.

Deatails aded asap.  £345 inc. UK p&p

Complete guide to HUNTING KNIVES. by Durwood Hollis. Details in BOOKS. Excellent cond. £10 inc. UK p&p


As a knife that was part of a collection I recently bought, I have to confess that I know very little about this maker - other than he certainly knows how to craft a knife ! Hafted in Wild Boar tusk and with stunning scroll work on both sides of the blade, this knife is very European in flavour but epitomizes 'Pride of Ownership'. The s/steel guard is very well fitted and if this knife does not sell, I could well be tempted to keep it for my own use. Complete with original 'deep seated' brown leather pouch sheath. Blade:85mm Oal:185mm. 

Excellent, unused condition. New price: £345 inc. UK p&p

NEW YEAR SALE - £300 inc. UK p&p

SOLD PUMA KNIVES. GERMANY. " Deluxe Model 21 0563".

Details added asap

HARTKOPF & CO. GERMANY. "Hunting Knife Series #641Hh".

A vintage knife from this well establised and respected German company. Although this company still produces a similar model, I would hazard a guess and say this knife was made around the 1960's. The quality is very good and of a similar standard to those made by Puma.

Hafted in some very nice quality Sambar Stag and complete with a gralloching blade, saw and locking main blade plus the obligatory corkscrew to celebrate a succesful hunt. Although there are some signs of tarnish ( as you would expect for the age ) the knife appears to have seen very little use. Closed length: 4 inches.

Excellent condition. £185 inc. UK p&p

NEW YEAR SALE £120 inc. UK p&p


Alan,s version of the iconic Bob Loveless Dropped Hunter. This knife has a 12c27 stainless steel blade with a handle of vintage (1930's) Tufnol, in a lovely warm brown colour with visible texture. The fittings are stainless steel with the bolster being stippled. Blade: 3-1/2 inches. Oal: 8 inches.

Complete with leather pouch sheath with stamped logo.

New from Maker.


A 'One-off' Model. details added asap.


J.C. VISSER. South Africa. "Stretched SKINNER".

Near flawless quaility !! This knife really does have to be seen to appreciate the fit & finish. For those who need a knife with a longer blade, then you really could not buy better. Made from one of today's 'super steels (N690) with a hollow ground, mirror polished blade and a perfectly fitted handle of Maroon micarta with decorative liners and stainless bolsters makes for a knife that anyone would be proud to own.

Blade: 150mm. Oal:270mm. Complete with a sheath made from Black wildebeest hide. 

Mint, unused condition. £375 inc. UK p&p SALE: £350 inc. UK p&p


Please read the description above to realise how much I rate the stunning workmanship of Japie's knives.

Brown Micarta  handle. Blade:100mm. Oal: 205mm. Complete with Brown Buffalo hide sheath. 

Mint, unused condition. £350 inc. UK p&p SALE: £325 inc. UK p&p


Please email for details. Complete with a kydex sheath

Excellent condition. £300 inc. UK p&p.


please email for details & prices. Superb quality !

Bottom knife SOLD


please email for details. £330 inc. UK p&p


Two wonderful pairs of knives from the USA maker known for his sharp knives in D2 Tool Steel. Gene's work is not often seen on this 'side of the pond' which is a shame as he makes a great 'no-frills' working knife, with lovely grinds and perfect fit & finish. The Orange G10 set is probably more pure hunting but the Sambar Stag set would work just as well in capable hands.

SOLD Orange G10 - Blades: 3-1/4". Oal: 7-1/2" Brown leather double sheath.  Mint condition. £350 inc. UK p&p

SOLD Sambar Stag.


please email for details. £320 inc. UK p&p

NEW YEAR SALE - £285 inc. UK p&p

SOLD ALAN WOOD. "LONG SAFARI" -A2 steel (rare).

A model not often seen from Alan, this being a longer bladed version of his Safari model. The real 'rarity' though, is this particular version is in A2 Tool Steel. Being made in 2011, I suspect this steel is from the same batch that Alan used on his 25yr. Anniversary knives.

Alan was impressed with the performance on the test knife for those knives and whoever buys this will no doubt be just as impressed if used in the field. Even as a collector piece, this is a unique offering from Alan. (this knife has come out of a Collection ). A black Micarta handle with 'brick red' liners and s/steel fitting compliment the 'Buckskin dyed' leather sheath. Blade: 4-1/4". Oal: 8-1/2". 

Mint, unused cond. £375 inc. UK p&p.

EDF KNIVES. The Netherlands. "HUNTER"

Please email for details. £285 inc. UK p&p.

SOLD DAN CROTTS. USA. "DROP POINT". Himalayan Sheephorn

Collectors and users of Bob Dozier knives will be well aware of Dan as he works for Bob, making Dozier knives. Occassionally, Dan will spend time in his own workshop and make his own range of knives, which, not surprisingly, are heavily influenced by Bob knives. This particular knife is very comfortable in the hand and is made from D2 tool steel, with Bob's superb heat treatment. The handle is stunning Premium Himalayan Sheephorn, with red liners and the package is completed with a very secure kydex sheath. Blade: 3-1/2". Oal: 7-3/4". 

Mint, unused condition. 


A rare model from Alan and only the second example I've had for sale. I can't imagine any knife to be more stunning than this, with the Damasteel blade, stainless steel bolsters and gorgeous Mammoth ivory handle. Complete with brown leather sheath and guarantee.

Blade: 2-3/4". Oal: 6-1/2". Mint, as new condition.


SOLD RANDALL MADE KNIVES  "Model #4-6". Many would say that Randall Made are the "most famous knives in the world" ( and I would be one of them!). No other knives have the pedigree and heritage that Randalls possess and there was a time when a Randall Made was the best knife money could buy - and the fact there is a current 4 1/2 YEAR waiting list suggests that a lot of people still feel that way !

This is the Model 4 "Big Game & Skinner", in 01 carbon steel, and handled in gorgeous 'finger grooved' stag, which is an extra cost option from Randall. Brass guard and butt cap. This knife feels very comfortable in the hand.

A really spectacular Randall and if I was tempted to start collecting Randalls again, this would be a great place to start !

Mint, unused condition. 


SOLD ALAN WOOD "STALKER".  Everything once in a while, Alan will upgrade a standard "working" model with gorgeous stainless Damascus and this Stalker is such an example. The Hakkapella pattern particularly suits the long blade and coupled to a black micarta handle (with blue liners) really makes for a classy knife! A very well made black leather swivel sheath completes a package that would please the most fastideous owner. Blade: 4 3/4"  Oal : 9 1/2"

Pristine mint cond. 


SOLD  HOWARD HITCHMOUGH "SEMI-SKINNER". As I have mentioned before, Howard was the premier UK maker before emigrating to the US of A, a good few years ago. Even now, there are only a very few UK makers capable of matching his high standard of workmanship. This knife is one of his earlier knives, as denoted by the logo, but the fit & finish is superb. The 4" blade is in a semi-skinner style, made of D2 tool steel (I have customers who use Howard's D2 knives and they say the edgeholding is amazing!).  The handle looks to be Bocote(?) wood, with black liners and fastened by stainless Corby bolts with a wonderful tapered tang. Nickel silver guard. Oal is 8 1/2". Howards knives are getting harder to find and this one will make either a great user or an addition to a collection of UK makers. 

Mint condition. 


SOLD LLOYD PENDLETON. California.  Lloyd is a Knifemaking Legend over on the other side of the pond, having made his first knife in 1973 and becoming a Full Time maker in 1978 - and is still active today !  This is his Classic Semi-Skinner which is probably recognisable to those familiar with Cold Steel knives, as they do several copies of this model. This is a wonderful knife, the genuine article - comfortable in the hand and amazing fit and finish. 3 1/2" blade of mirror finished stainless steel ( possibly ATS34 ?), s/s guard and green micarta handle, with red liners giving an oal of 8 1/2". Priced at just a little over what you would pay for a Cold Steel copy ! 


SOLD   Alan Wood. MINI HUNTER model. One of Alan best selling models that has been a main stay of his catalog since the beginning. I doubt if many have been as nice as this version. Lovely Odin's Eye damascus blade and Sambar stag handle with s/s fittings. Dark brown pouch sheath with Alan's logo stamped onto it. Just waiting for someone to take this beauty out into the field ! 2 3/4" blade. oal 6 3/4". Brand new, a CLA knife. 


SOLD  Bob DOZIER.  ARKANSAS TRAVELLER.  Living Legend Bob Dozier has built his reputation on making "no nonsense, no frills" hard working knives for people who actually use them. His favourite steel is D2 tool steel in which he has perfected the art of heat-treating, to obtain the maximum performance ( this stuff justs keeps on cutting !! ). Every once in a while, Bob will upgrade a model with a premium handle material and this is such an example. The extremely rare, genuine AMBER stag ( not the dyed version that is more commonly seen ) makes this knife a thing of beauty to treasure or to use. Aol 6 7/8" and a blade of 2 7/8". D2 steel at 60-61rc. Complete with a kydex sheath.  This is out of my own collection. Mint.

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